Whether you have a family or alone, your living space plays a big role in your daily lifestyle. The pressure in choosing the right home size is real, but it is important to put it on top of your new home hunt list. You may consider booking the best home builders and build your dream home!

Go Big or Go Home, or Cute and Comfy?

You will need to think carefully about the lifestyle you want for your family. Remember, the size of your house will most likely stay the same throughout the years, but your family will keep growing.

A family meeting will help solve this problem quicker. Decide on your lifestyle goals. Do you want to keep homey and bring your family together? Do you want to go all out with the design and architecture? How many rooms do you need? Are you going to let your kids stay in the same room or let them have their own? You do not want a lack of space to be an issue down the line. Studies show that people who find a shortage of space in their homes are most likely to move. 

What features will your house have?

Once you have decided on the size of your dream home, it is time to partner up with customer design-builders to help you manifest the design of your home. It is important to think that each room of your house will have its own personality.

When asked which part of their homes is their favorite, most would say their kitchen. It is a communal area where you and your family will spend a lot of time together. It is where your kids will learn how to help with household chores like washing the dishes and taking out the trash. It is important to design your kitchen properly so that functionality meets well with the design.

Another key home feature is your common areas. Do you need a big living to entertain guests? Do you need a separate family room for movie nights? Do your kids need a game room to put all their toys in? Do you need an office or a studio? Wanting several common areas will increase the need for more living space. 

Do you need a house with two floors or is one enough?

It is best to schedule a meeting with your custom home builder to figure out how many floors you want in your home. If designed and planned well, having a home with only one floor is fine. Everything is closer to each other, and it will be easier to get around. 

Meanwhile, having two floors has its own perks. For instance, having separate rooms downstairs and upstairs will help if you will always have guests over, and you will feel more comfortable with all your common areas located on one floor.


It takes a lot of effort to plan and design your dream home. There are several key factors to keep in mind when you’re talking to your custom home builder about what you want your new home to be. 

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