So, you’ve hired an “expert” builder to build your dream home. However, it seems that as the days pass, your home is getting nowhere. Was it because your home became a little more complex than the builder realized, slowing things down, or it is because the builder is incompetent at completing the home. While it doesn’t happen often, it is sometimes the builder’s fault that the home isn’t progressing quickly enough. Sometimes, they are taking shortcuts that compromise the home, leading to unforeseen challenges that could have been avoided.

Regardless of the reason, choosing the right builder in the first place is essential in creating your home. As such, knowing how to pick a reputable builder also means ensuring your dream home is built.

With that said, here’s how you can tell a reputable builder from a lousy one:

1. They Offer Warranty

A warranty acts as sort of a guarantee that the builder’s work will be of great quality. This is because third parties give them, and these third parties give warranties based on strength and construction standards. This means that if you have a builder with you that offers an excellent warranty, that means that their work is good enough to be confidently backed up by such a warranty.

2. They Are Referred to by Happy Clients

One of the best ways to identify a reputable builder from bad ones is to simply reach out to the client base. Speak to them about who they worked with, and ensure that the builders aren’t around so that the client can point out everything. From all the positives and negatives, take note of them all. If the general summary from what they’re telling you is that the builder is good at what they do, chances are they’ll build your house just as well!

3. They Have Licenses and Insurances in Place

Licenses take a lot of time to get, and only the experts are qualified to earn licenses. Licenses are also important to prove that the builder is qualified for the job, meaning that they are trained properly and adequately to build homes. Insurance, on the other hand, is simply there in case something goes wrong. Even professionals make mistakes, but only reputable builders will have insurance in place to protect you from unnecessary costs should something go wrong.

4. They Are Transparent with Their Prices, Schedule, and the Like

Professionals have nothing to hide. They are more than happy to communicate with you their prices, scheduling, material choices, and the like, explaining exactly why things are the way they are. Shoddy builders, on the other hand, won’t get out of their way to be transparent. Sometimes, even if you ask, they might dodge the question. Transparency is key to success, and if you can trust a builder because they are transparent with you, the likelihood of the building project becomes a success.


It might sound like a lot of work trying to separate real professionals from wannabes, but this is what you must do to ensure your dream home comes to reality. Be sure to follow all the tips above to be able to pick the right builders to build your home. Otherwise, you might just be setting yourself up for failure working with those who aren’t qualified to build your house.

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