If you’re looking to build a custom home in Greenwood, Indiana, it’s important to pay special attention to the heart of the home: the kitchen. While you may think a space with running water and the necessary appliances will do, a kitchen is more than just the area where you prepare and cook meals. It also doubles as a spot to gather, communicate, and socialize with family, friends, and guests. 

Whether you love hosting dinner parties or prefer to spend quiet evenings with your family at home, a beautiful kitchen will provide you with more than it costs. For a cost-efficient, successful, and fulfilling custom home project, consider the following design ideas:

1. Tear Down the Wall

When investing in a custom home, it’s important to look for opportunities to expand or open up space. This is particularly helpful if you find most kitchens to be cramped and lacking sufficient space to move around while working. A surefire way to open up and expand the kitchen is to eliminate the wall that separates it from other areas. Open layout kitchens have been trending in the last several years, so consider having your house designer make it a reality in your home.

2. Add a Decorative Hood or Exhaust Fan

Some kitchen appliances can serve more than their original purpose or function. Range hoods, for one, have become key kitchen design elements. If your current range hood is already due for replacement or you don’t have one installed yet, now is a great time to get one. Choose a unit that has the material and color that will complement your kitchen’s look while also serving as a focal point.

3. Opt for Open Shelving

When designing the kitchen storage solutions, consider open, floating shelving. This provides an area for displaying practically anything, from unique cookware to cookbooks and other ornaments. You can have the shelves complement or match the other cabinets or make them standout to serve as a focal point. To make the most out of open shelving, keep in mind to display items that complement each other or give a uniform visual effect.

4. Combine Cabinet Finishes

Give your kitchen a cool look by combining at least two cabinet finishes and paint. For example, you can combine black and white paint or gloss and matte finishes. This gives the cabinets visual texture. 

5. Matte Black

This year, black is “in,” not just in terms of paint color for cabinets and walls but for faucets and other accessories as well. Matte black accessories and fixtures give a kitchen an industrial and unique character. They are sure to stand out no matter how the rest of the room looks!

6. Combine Metals

Another distinct way to spice up the look of your kitchen is by mixing different types of metals. From faucets to lighting fixtures, there are many ways you can incorporate metal in the kitchen. Don’t hesitate to mix gold, silver, brass, and black metal fixtures and accessories. Combine high gloss and matte finishes as well.

7. Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can make a huge impact, especially in smaller kitchens. It provides a usable countertop and additional storage space. It can also serve as a dining area. If you need additional storage and countertop space, then a kitchen island is the perfect solution.


A custom home is a major project and one you must take seriously. While designing your kitchen, take the trends above into consideration. While a beautiful kitchen is a major asset, remember—nothing makes a house a home more than the memories you share within.

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