Top 5 Reasons for Working With a Custom Home Builder
Last Updated - September, 2018

You feel you are ready for a new home. Whether you are in an apartment or a starter home, have been relocated by your employer, or just want to be in a different home and/or location…whatever the reason, you definitely know it is time for something new. 


But what kind of home? The existing home market is tempting, but be prepared for an arduous house hunting experience, and you may still be faced with a compromise. You know the likelihood of having exactly the home you want is through new construction. But there are still choices to be made. Should you work with a production home company, a semi-custom builder, or a custom home builder? At Duke Homes, we believe a custom home builder is often the best answer. 


Here are the top 5 reasons we, at Duke Homes, believe you should work with a custom builder. 


1. The home is built for YOU!!

Premade floor plans and options lists do not afford the personalization of a personal architect. With a custom builder, everything from the property location to floor plan to a site plan, and everything in between, is customized around YOU. You shouldn’t settle for something that “kind of works” – go with a unique home that is clearly an extension of you!
[See some unique Duke Home builds here.] 

2. The home is in the right location

Where you build is entirely up to you! While custom home builders often have lots available, a lot that you already own or have found on your own is an option as well. In fact, people will sometimes buy an existing, but outdated, home and tear down the existing structure to replace it with a custom-built home. Options are plentiful when you build custom.
[See Duke Homes community locations here.] 

3. Lower Maintenance Costs

Advances in building technology and materials used in newer homes usually result in a more efficient, longer-lasting home. However, this is not always the case. Many builders are focused on the bottom line, looking for costs that can be reduced, so beware of what you are getting. You have a choice – do you want the cheapest home you can buy or a quality built home? Custom builders are more likely to use high-quality materials and quality construction techniques, resulting in more efficient homes with lower maintenance and energy costs over the life of the home. Oh, and a new home warranty is usually included. 

4. You have more control

When you build custom, you are involved in all aspects of decision making. If you like more control in the process, this is your best bet. It’s your home, why not be in the driver’s seat. It can be a fun experience and very satisfying when you know you helped make it happen. 

5. High Quality

Existing homes or production home construction may seem like better deals, but the quality of product and craftsmanship that goes into a custom home actually delivers better value. A production home builder is concerned with filling their communities and moving on to the next. A custom builder will guide you to make the best long-term decisions in all aspects of the project. It really depends on what you value in your home. They are in it with you through the entire to ensure the result is the home of your dreams!
[See galleries of Duke Homes craftsmanship Here ]


So there they are…the top 5 reasons to work with a custom home builder. That’s all for now…talk to you soon. 

If you are interested in discussing your custom home needs, do not wait—contact Duke Homes and schedule a meeting today!

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