When the hustle and bustle don’t seem to spark happiness anymore, it is time to seek a peaceful setting to spend the rest of one’s golden years. Everyone deserves a place where they can spend their time however they want, so luxury custom homes are an ideal choice for retirees.

If the ideal retirement home still looks like a scribble on a piece of paper, don’t fret! Here are some tips to consider when looking for a property that suits one’s lifestyle.

Pick a Sustainable Location

Similar to any real estate purchase, location is a critical factor to keep in mind when looking for a retirement home. It is important to consider the climate and the easy availability of utilities like healthcare, shopping, and recreational venues.

Also, remember that retirement is not equivalent to isolation. Think about the delightful activities and affairs to look forward to and make sure to settle into a location where it is easy to travel to events and gatherings.

One-story vs. Two-story Homes

Climbing up and down staircases can be a chore, especially if you are older or in a wheelchair. A one-story home is ideal for your retirement because everything is easily accessible. This way, you can save energy for hobbies and recreational activities!

Forget Bathtubs, Showers Are Better

It is time to forget about the bathtub and replace it with a walk-in shower. It is easier to get into regardless of your physical abilities. This is an amazingly convenient feature in a retirement home that will make bathing much more manageable.

Consider Wide Hallways and Big Rooms

Spacious entryways, hallways, and rooms are perfect for getting around without unintentionally running into home furnishings and decorations. Plus, if your grandchildren come to visit, a big area will be perfect for them! 

Consider your needs as you age, and choose a house with hallways more than 9 feet tall and 5 feet wide.

Plan With Your Partner

Don’t make assumptions about how your partner is thinking about retirement. They are called life partners for a reason. Keep up a constant conversation and plan carefully as to what your retirement home will be like. These decisions should be made together!

Space for Your Pets

If furry friends have always been part of your life, it is difficult to move on to the next chapter without them. And a retirement home without a family pet will always have a void that needs to be filled. After all, pets add so much value and enjoyment to one’s life.

A precious companionship with a friend makes the day better, so make sure to provide them a comfortable place to stay. A big yard for an energetic dog or a playroom for cats would be perfect.


Moving forward in life is extraordinarily exciting. Just like the early years, the possibilities are endless. But remember that before setting the plans in stone, take the time to talk them through with your partner or family members. Carefully consider all factors that come with moving to a new home for your retirement to be as comfortable as possible.

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