Homeowners planning to renovate their properties and thinking of hiring custom builders should understand that there’s more to it than getting a professional to oversee the project. Besides conceptualizing the home remodeling, selecting the appropriate materials, and choosing the timeframe to work with, you have to talk to a contractor about some other important details.

The construction itself shouldn’t be the only process you have to focus on because a pre-construction meeting is necessary to lay down all considerations involved. Knowing that you and the builder are on the same page lets you avoid problems and disturbances from happening, letting you stick to your desired timeline.

Keep reading below to find out what you and the home builder you hire have to talk about before the day of construction arrives. That way, you can leave them to do their job without making room for any concerns.

Know the Appropriate Parking Spot

When you get a house designer to work on a renovation project, they usually show up during working hours every day until they get the job done. Sometimes, they will agree to continue building and designing during late nights and weekends when it’s necessary.

You must provide parking for your contractor so that they won’t have to worry about their vehicle. Before construction day, it will help to scout for space where they can park without disturbing your neighbors when deciding to come during random times of the week. 

Maintain the Security of Your Home

If your contractor is bringing additional people to watch over the project, you have to determine the best way to let them into your home without risking you and your family’s safety. You can think of handing them a spare key, which they have to give back as soon as the project is done, or configure your security system and create a temporary pass for them.

Exchange Necessary Contact Details

Receiving each other’s contact information is integral to maintaining good communication throughout the remodeling project. It includes your telephone or mobile number, email address, or social media accounts—whichever is the fastest way to reach out to one another. 

In addition, you also have to finalize if you need a written copy of what the project entails. You can ask for an outline or summary of the work at hand with the schedule when you can expect the custom home builders to be at your property. If you prefer to have meetings every week, you also need to talk it over during the pre-construction assembly.

Lay Down Your Property’s Blueprint

During the days leading up to construction, you can invite your contractor to come over to survey the place and have a closer look at where the renovation will occur. Locate any fixtures, systems, and landscaping that may be affected and decide how to go about it to avoid accidents.

Notify Your Neighbors Ahead of Time

Whether you’re planning to do a major or minor renovation and you’re expecting it to be significantly loud, you should make an effort to tell your neighbors about your plans. That way, you can avoid unnecessary arguments due to distractions stemming from your home project.

Inform them about the date of construction and how long you expect it to be. If you care about the welfare of your neighbors, they will appreciate the effort and prepare themselves for the inconvenience they have to live through for the next few days or weeks.  


Besides hiring a reliable new home builder to guarantee your renovation will succeed, you have to discuss the necessary details relating to the project. By going through the list provided above, you can ensure that very little will bother the process—allowing you to stick to your timeline and enjoy your newly renovated home in no time!

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