There are times when nothing quite cuts it. You may have spent your time searching for different houses available, but they don’t fit your conditions or standards. It may be the floor plan, location, or space, but no home could tick all the boxes either way.

Searching for your dream home can be difficult, as you may have specific needs, preferences, and a particular style you’re looking for. Unfortunately, that means that sometimes, reality can’t live up to the image you have in your mind! Some homebuyers accept that they will not get everything they want and make compromises here and there to reach an acceptable outcome. 

Be that as it may, compromises aren’t for everyone. If you don’t wish to settle for less than what you want, why don’t you make your dream a reality yourself?

Building From the Ground Up

If you have very particular needs that no ready-made house can provide, having your house built would be the perfect alternative. Compared to buying, building your home allows you to have freedom. You’ll have total control over the design and floor plan that makes sense to you. 

There’s nothing quite like knowing that your house was made purely for you and no one else! Every part of the home has been customized, just for you, to meet your standards. You also get to start fresh as the first owner of your home with new fixtures, furniture, and everything!

The Most Important Question

Having a customized home may be a dream come true, but the process is far from fantasy. 

A lot is at stake when it comes to new home construction. Building your house takes more than just ambition and a few ideas. To make your dream a reality, you need to have a set budget, a quality contractor, the best home builders in your area, and suitable materials.

New home construction will involve a lot of decision-making—it is your home, after all. You will have no one to blame but yourself if it goes wrong! To be satisfied with the result, you need to ensure that you are making the right choices. Every decision that involves your house is important, but among them all, the most crucial one to make is whether to go for one or two stories.

Stairs or No Stairs?

Early on in the home building process, you will be faced with this question. The floor plan you decide on will be the basis of the following steps. Besides whether you prefer to have stairs or not, there are many other factors to consider when choosing the number of floors for your home. 

One Story

A single-story home is a convenient option for smaller families, couples, and individuals. If you have older family members or mobility-challenged people living with you, this is a great option, as they won’t have to have a difficult time going up and down the stairs. Stairs also take a lot of space that could be used for other things!

In a single-story home, you’ll have more space per square foot, as you won’t be compromising space on a staircase. However, if your block size isn’t too big, you may end up with a small backyard. Since a single-story house has a larger footprint, it will be more costly because of the foundation building and roofing materials.

Two Stories

In this case, double doesn’t mean more—since the most expensive elements of new home construction, such as the foundation and roof installation, are being built on a smaller footprint, it will cost less. If you live in a neighborhood with a beautiful location, you can capitalize on the magnificent view that can only be enjoyed from a higher level.

If you love having guests over, your outdoor space may be an essential part of your house—which is something you can maximize when you have another story to augment a smaller floor space. You’ll be able to have a good time with friends and family in your backyard! However, expect the project to take longer to finish because of the additional floors and staircases that are needed to be built.


When choosing a floor plan for your new house, make sure to consider all of the factors. There’s no going back—if it turns out that you don’t like the outcome, you can’t have a do-over! Take into account your budget, lifestyle, and future when choosing between the two. For successful home construction, work with the best home builders near you.

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