When it comes to adding a rustic and unique touch to your custom home that looks exquisite, shiplap is a home touch that can spice up any room. It is an extremely versatile material, which looks good in almost any room and can even match any interior design style by changing the colors of the wood panels. 

Historically used for exterior decoration and protection of the walls of sheds, barns, and other rustic buildings, it has evolved to become a popular interior decoration option. It is a board of wood characterized by a milled-in halved groove that reveals a distinct line. These look especially well integrated into spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, and anywhere provided the whole scheme matches the theme of the room. Here are some household places that are lovely with shiplap designs:


In small spaces like the foyer of your home, this can add an amazing entryway touch. When the shiplap is a bright white, it gives off a welcoming vibe and works very well in making your guests feel calm. This is essential when you are inviting people over, as the welcoming aspect of being in someone’s home contributes to how comfortable they are when they enter. 

Mudrooms And Laundry Rooms

When it comes to having a home that has a garden space or an outdoor area, having a mudroom paneled in shiplap can give your home a modern yet rustic farmhouse look. This makes it comfortable to look at and spend time in, as well as contributes to accenting your home. 

Laundry rooms can also look incredible with shiplap, as time spent doing laundry is often a lot. When you spend time in a bland room, it can be boring and mundane, so spice it up with shiplap panels to give it a very room-like touch and not just a block of plain walls surrounding you. 


Farmhouses often give off the vibe of being a resthouse and are associated with peace and calmness. Adding them to a bedroom, whether it be masters, kids’, or guestrooms, these will give the room a calming touch, especially if they are in a nice, warm color. Wood products really give rooms a natural feel, so spice up a bedroom with a new piece of design for an improved look. 

Fireplace Walls

Fireplaces are associated with warmth and calm evenings. Fireplaces are also found in farmhouses to keep inhabitants warm from cold days, so adding an extra rustic touch to your home can make your warming experience unique. With wood accents around your fireplace, it gives it a somewhat log cabin feel and can make your evenings with family extra comfortable. 

Bathroom Walls

Having a specific wall in the bathroom adorned with shiplap can give a plain and boring bathroom a new focal point. Shiplap can make people feel comfortable, and when using the bathroom, you would want to feel secure and relaxed to finish your business.


Shiplap is something that you should consider adding to your custom home. While many modern homes look amazingly well designed with minimalism and sharp lines, adding a natural touch with wood is always welcome and can combat often-dulled features. 

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