Every homeowner dreams of having a bathroom that’s not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The need for a relaxing sanctuary has heightened because of the pandemic, and people are staying home more and longer than they ever did. It’s natural to want a place where you can get away from the chaos of the outside world (and maybe your living room, too) and just soak in a calming bath and feel all the stress melt away.

All luxury custom homes come with an equally luxurious bathroom. Still, if you’re not buying a luxury home or having one built from the ground up, the best way you can achieve a dreamy bathroom is by renovating the one you already have.

But how exactly can you enhance the look of your bathroom, or what changes should you make? Here are some tips from Duke Homes:

Make Sure Your Lighting Design Works for You

If you still have a single bulb lighting up your bathroom, you’re missing out on the experience that layered lighting offers. Of course, there should be a source of natural light in the room and one overhead lighting. But aside from these, you might want to consider getting lighting around your vanity or have some accent lighting to achieve the mood you’re going for.

Play With Textures

These days, it’s all about neutral shades and anything organic and natural, which gives you the perfect opportunity to play around with different shapes and textures. First, choose a color scheme that will bring out the tranquility of the space Then, you can experiment with tiles that are not your usual squares and rectangles. Think herringbone or hexagonal.

Then consider incorporating materials like natural stones, reclaimed wood, and more. Add woven baskets for towels and other bath accessories. The combination of the natural elements with the softest neutral walls and floor will give that relaxing vibe.

Get High-Quality Bathroom Fixtures

To get that truly luxurious bathroom you dream of, you have to invest in a premium quality toilet, bathtub, and other fixtures. Just remember that aside from having to look amazing in your bathroom, they should be easy to use, too. There’s no point in having an antique-like showerhead that doesn’t work properly. Nor will a clawfoot bathtub do you any good if you won’t fit in it comfortably or if it sits awkwardly in your bathroom with limited space!

Add a Plant or Two

Do you remember how relaxing your last trip to the spa was? One of the reasons spas work is because of the ambiance that they are able to create – with the music that they play, the softest lighting, the buttery soft towels and robes, and the indoor plants that enhance the overall feel of the room. You can apply these things to your bathroom, too. For instance, a potted indoor plant can easily transform a cold and almost clinical bathroom into a warm and inviting one.


You may not have one of those luxury homes, or perhaps you do – either way, you can still give your bathroom the overhaul that it needs with the tips shared with you in this post. Of course, to ensure that you get the results that you want, work only with a seasoned home building contractor with a solid reputation.

Duke Homes is one of the best home builders in Indiana that you can trust to deliver a hotel-worthy bathroom, just like how you dreamed it. Contact us today to find out more about our services!