Out of all the essential parts of our homes, the bathroom definitely deserves the utmost attention. Not only does it allow us all to find our moments of comfort, but it also allows us to maintain our hygiene. While the general idea of having one built to our liking mostly depends on the contractor’s decisions, we must remember that, as the homeowner, we have every right to customize it according to our preferences.

Of course, it isn’t that simple. There are many things to consider before we can even proceed to let the contractors do their job. Most of the decision-making happens during the planning stage. In such a case, we must be aware of these different factors to develop a bathroom that will both serve us well and stick to the modern standard of our homes.

While not all of the following recommendations may work for everyone, they are definitely aimed towards first-time owners who have little to no knowledge of the proper bathroom structure. Keep them in mind for your future reference.

1. The Available Space for Your Bathroom

Even if you want a big bathroom at home, working with limited space will make it impossible to achieve. Be sure to estimate the floor space and discuss the plan with your contractor. 

Don’t give up hope if your home only allows for a small bathroom, as your contractors may even find a workaround through this problem. In such a case, you are still in the planning stage, and there will always be changes concerning your floor plan.

2. The Type of Shower or Tub That Will Be Included in the Bathroom

For the most part, you will have nothing to worry about when it comes to showers, as even a small space will allow you to fit a showerhead. The real concern arises when it’s time to discuss the bathtub. 

If you really want to stretch out your legs for an hour or so, you may need a full-length variant that will not cut any corners. However, this will still depend on the available space that you have. The type of tub will also come into play, as having either a cast iron, fiberglass, or porcelain will all depend on your preferences and the overall theme of your bathroom.

3. The Storage That You Will Include within Your Space

Of course, no bathroom will ever be complete without cabinets and vanity mirrors. This is usually connected to the faucet, but if you want to add more storage, feel free to add more cabinets in the blueprint.

 Most of the time, the thought process for this involves keeping your brush and soap safe from molds and splashes from the toilet. On the other hand, there are also alternatives to keep the unused towels in hanging racks instead of a separate cabinet. Either way, it will all depend on the preferences of the household.


Planning for a custom bathroom isn’t too hard, as long as you know how to coordinate with your contractor. It will take a lot of thought regarding the add-ons and the things that you should consider eliminating from your preliminary blueprint. 

Taking note of your available space, the type of shower or tub, and the storage cabinets will play a vital role in your final plan. Clarify with the contractors and see that they will be implemented once they begin to work on your bathroom.

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