STEP 1: Introduction Meeting
• Look at your wishlist and desires
• Preferred location
• What you are looking for in a home
• Look at homesites
• Assist you to find a homesite that best fits your family and your desires

STEP 2: Design the Home
(This is done after the site is chosen and according to your wishlist)
• Preliminary design
• Preliminary pricing
• Create final plans
• You sit back while we get to work

STEP 3: Final Pricing/Contracts Created
• We will present this to you and answer any further question you might have • Finalize financing
• Almost there

STEP 4: Commence Construction on Your Home
• Simple selections will be made during the construction process
• We will keep you involved with decisions along the way.
• We will keep you updated with allowance & budgets tracking to help you stay on budget

STEP 5: Closing & Settling into Your New Home…
• Provide orientation walk-thru
• Simple final settlement
• Move in
• We will be there all along the way and after the sale providing the service that Duke Homes is known for