Everyone has their own version of a dream home – be it living the classic white, picket fence home or going for a bold turn by adding contemporary changes to the design. While it’s true that people have different ways to spice up their fix-me-upper, there are universal designs that remain a must-have to ensure the makeover remains sustainable for all needs. 

What is Universal Design? 

People have the freedom to adjust the level of sophistication, style, and other improvements in both the decorative and functional aspects of home design. However, universal design refers to the concept that all residential properties and other buildings should implement key principles to ensure that everyone can utilize the space to its fullest potential.

As for the National Association of Realtors, universal design is all about ensuring the layout, furnishings, and other design elements are usable by people without the need for specialized improvements. This means that a home should be easy to use for young children to elderly family members alike. 

Some ways to achieve universal design includes the following features: 

Tip #1: Consider a No-Step Entry Into the House 

Home is where your family is, which means it should be a safe haven for young children and senior loved ones alike. Adding extra steps may seem like a fashion statement for your curb appeal, but it can compromise the accessibility of your home in the long run. 

A door that is level with the ground is a simple yet powerful design that allows a growing family to use it freely without any potential hindrances. Whether it’s to effortlessly stroll inside with a baby or to assist movement for the elderly, a zero-step entry ensures everyone can freely feel like they’re one step ahead in your home. 

Tip #2: Consider Wider Doorways and Hallways 

Whether you have the luxury of having more space or not, going for wider doorways and hallways is an excellent way to add more breathing room to your home. It’s not necessarily for enhancing the layout’s sophistication, but more on ensuring that people can freely move between rooms without any barriers. 

Wider doorways and hallways promote seamless movement throughout the home – catering to elderly people using wheelchairs to moving furniture around without any hindrances. 

Tip #3: Consider Ample and Quality Lightings 

Lighting plays a pivotal role in influencing the mood of the environment. It can impact the atmosphere depending on the intensity and color of the light – be it creating a welcoming vibe using warm tones or a place to relax with cooler hues. 

In addition to changing the overall decor and mood, lighting is also a crucial feature that boosts visibility and safety for people of all ages. 

The Bottom Line: Universal Design Ensures Your Home is Comfortable For You

The idea of universal design in homes is simple: make living more comfortable for you. It ensures the layout and furnishing choices can cater to different needs, allowing family members of all ages to make the most of your home peacefully. 

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