Whether you are looking to do a little remodeling to freshen up your living space or are remodeling to resell your home, it always pays to get it done by professional custom home builders.

These professionals can ensure that the project turns out as you planned it to be and that it will raise the value of your home. Besides looking pleasing in your daily living, you will appreciate this investment when you eventually sell your home for a higher value.

In this article, we will run you through some living room remodel ideas that you can have to raise the value of your home.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Unlike most rooms in your home, the color of your living room is the most crucial. The living room always sees lots of activity, whether for relaxing, watching movies, reading, or sipping wine. The color scheme needs to be flawless because this area will be receiving a lot of attention.

You’re guaranteed to get significant returns in terms of customer attractiveness because the cost of painting equipment and materials is relatively inexpensive compared to other remodels you can do in your home. However, you must select a living room color scheme that will appeal to most consumers. 

When it comes to colors that people seem to prefer together, white, gray, beige, and other neutrals are at the head of the group. 

Potential buyers are drawn in by the dramatic color combinations of brown, gold, and earthy orange used in the living area. Lighter blues create the breezy, carefree atmosphere of a day at the beach, while deep blue living rooms convey a sense of royalty and rich heritage.

Giving an Illusion of Space

Whether or not you have removed a wall to expand your living room, you’ll want to use low-cost, straightforward approaches to give the impression of even more space. Making a false addition saves money on remodeling while increasing the appeal of your living area to potential purchasers.

With proper planning, changes in your ceiling, area rugs, shelving, and storage can make the room appear bigger.

Allowing More Light In

Nothing encourages the idea that living rooms are for living more than natural light coming in through your windows.

If you’re like most homeowners, your living room windows may be old, drafty, and severely deficient in light transmission. Replace your old windows with new ones to breathe fresh life into your space.

You’ll save energy and money by swapping out inefficient windows for weathertight ones.

A Refresher of Your Entryway

If your living room is in the front of your home, upgrading or installing a new front door may do so much for little money and work.

Refreshing the entrance door serves two purposes for the price of one. It improves your front living room’s glitter as well as the external curb appeal of your house.

An Expansion

In the past, homeowners typically kept living rooms small and cramped to save energy. But today’s house purchasers anticipate larger living rooms than ever because of the open floor plan concept that began in the middle of the 20th century.

By having home builders knock down an inner, non-load-bearing wall, you can take over a relatively unused room that adjoins the living room.


With these living room remodel ideas, you can raise the value of your home and make your living room look great. The value of your home lies in the prospects of your home being sold at a profit and not in the money you put into remodeling.

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