Are you looking into new home construction or home improvement? Then make sure to put lighting fixtures on the top of your list to upgrade your home’s overall look and ambiance. 

However, choosing the best option among the abundance of lighting options in the market may be tedious. Not to mention that you’ll also have to strategically position the lighting fixtures and take account of cohesive lighting design for your custom home. 

Don’t worry; you have come to the right place to solve your concerns. Discover the best five lighting solutions for your home below. 

Accent Lighting 

One of the benefits of custom lighting is having unique decorative yet functional items at your home. Floor and table lamps work best for illuminating a room and as an additional ornament to make any space look more inviting. 

Accent lighting products come in different shapes and sizes, offering variety in the market. In fact, some lamps come with themed décors, such as modern and eclectic. With such diversity, you can find the right accent lights that would suit your house’s style. 

Task Lighting 

Some lighting products serve specific purposes that can help boost productivity and offer convenience in your tasks. For example, vanity lights can help you complete your make-up better, and under-cabinet lights in your bathroom can help you ease the shaving of facial hair. 

These fall under the purview of task lighting because they help you with different mundane activities at home. Task lighting fixtures can be mounted on a wall to provide wider access to light. However, you will have to appropriately place your task light in the right direction so that the concentrated beam can help you focus on getting your work done. 

To resolve this, plan which lighting you would need regularly. From there, it’s important to discuss with home builders to have special task lights installed in the right spots. You can even ask them to customize the brightness and intensity of the lights! 

Architectural Lighting 

Architectural lights add dimension to your room, and when installed properly, the light can radiate and bounce perfectly to give an illusion of a bigger space.  

What’s more, these types of lighting can help reduce odd shadows in the room and create a subtle glow, offering you the right balance between having the room not too bright nor too dark.  

For decorative purposes, architectural lighting such as swivel track lights can enhance your house’s best aspects and features. 

Ambient Lighting 

If you have ambient lighting in your room, you can avoid the annoying glare or shine from the lights. You can also integrate the function of ambient light with another type of lighting. 

For example, natural ambient lighting complements French doors, while ambient task lighting will improve the visual aesthetics of light design in your space. Some ambient lighting, such as chandeliers, is both decorative and functional. It’s also fun to mix and match different types of lighting, allowing you to customize your style! 

Landscape Lighting 

It’s also important to pay attention to outdoor lighting. As the exteriors are what the guests see first, stylish exterior lighting can create a good first impression. At the same time, having sufficient lighting can make your house more secure at night. 


It is reasonable to want the best for your home and make it look welcoming and comfortable. You can decorate your home using the correct lighting fixtures while adding dimension to your style. Lighting is just one of the many things custom home builders can personalize. 

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