Hiring a professional contractor to work on your home project is necessary if you want the right execution of your plans to be a reality. Unfortunately, there can be issues of miscommunications even if you have a well-drafted blueprint. It will be an issue no matter how small or extensive your renovation project aims to be. Because of this, it’s important to know how to coordinate with your chosen building contractor consistently.

How to talk to your chosen building contractor

Maintaining good relations with your building contractor is crucial, especially if you plan to build extensive remodels and renovations. Like any business partnership, there is proper etiquette on how you should interact and collaborate with your building contractor. The better you can interact with them, the fewer chances you’ll have to worry about miscommunication errors.

In this article, we’ll share a three-step guide on how you should collaborate with your contractor.

Step#1: Have your plans in place before committing to a building contractor

Making any revisions and changes during construction can be costly, especially when procuring raw materials. Unlike store-bought products, building contractors generally have suppliers who can give them what they need in bulk. This is why you need to have a clear vision for your initial plans when discussing it with your building contractor.

Your specific choice of paint, appliances, lighting fixtures, and even texture and landscaping need to be set from the start. The more detailed your blueprints are, the more accurate your quote will be. Additionally, your contractor can give you suggestions and warnings on what’s feasible with your budget if you’re transparent about all your plans.

Step#2: Maintain constant communication

A typical issue between homeowners and building contractors is the sudden issue of miscommunication on different parts of the construction project. This can involve anything from residential community permit issues to complications with procuring materials. These obstacles during the construction process aren’t uncommon. However, both parties must stay in the loop to avoid any problems in maintaining deadlines.

It can cause confusion and frustration to you and your building contractor if the unexpected happens without the other’s knowledge. Whether it’s under the builder’s control or not, being aware of anything can prevent you from stressing out on the delays that are typical for any construction project.

Step#3: Visit the construction site in person

With more straightforward extensions like landscaping projects and deck extensions, it’s much easier to pay a visit to check your project’s ongoing progress. On the other hand, custom homes from the ground up will be more complicated, especially if you live away from the construction site.

You shouldn’t settle for pictures of the construction’s progress. You need to be on the actual location to see how every part is working towards building your home. Taking the time to visit your ongoing construction isn’t about not trusting your building contractor; it’s about getting a feel of what you’re paying for.


Knowing how to approach different situations throughout the construction process will make it easier for you to oversee the project. However, it’s even more important to find a reliable building contractor you can work with to make this step much easier. This is why finding the right match will make your home renovation project a smoother and hassle-free experience.

At Duke Homes, we ensure our clients always serve a fundamental part of the construction process. Whether you’re improving your current home or starting to build anew, our professional contractors can collaborate with you to make your dream a reality! If you need reliable custom home builders in Greenwood, IN for your renovation project, contact us today!