Below are important resources to help you manage your website.

Adding & Managing Community PDFs


  • Create the new PDF
  • Login
  • Go to the Community Page
  • Click the Visual Builder
  • Click the menu Bubble at the bottom in the middle.
  • Click the Grid View
  • Select the Cog for the Sitemap Section
  • Click Add Media
  • Upload the PDF
  • “Steal” the link and X out of the box
  • Triple Click the Sitemap/ Lot Pricing words to highlight
  • Click the URL button
  • Replace the link and hit save
    **If the words Sitemap and Location Map are on the same line then click between then and Hold SHIFT and hit ENTER
Need additional help?

Email Nick Mckinney at nick@slycknick.com



The WordPress theme your site is built through is called Divi. It’s super flexible and quite frankly, awesome. The more you work with it, the more comfortable you’ll be when editing text, adding images, etc. You can access specific training videos and documentation on the different modules and options by going to Divi Settings > Divi Training in the lefthand toolbar.


If you find yourself wanting to better understand WordPress or are wanting some more in-depth tutorials, I recommend this site: www.wp101.com. You can also google your questions on YouTube and often finds hundreds or walk-thru videos. But feel free to email me with any issues or questions you may need.