The average person spends over 18 months of their entire lives in the bathroom. Because of this, decorating your bathroom can improve your life in many aspects since it’s one of the places where you can focus and think. Since a master’s bathroom is one of the most crucial parts of your home, you need to make sure that the time you spent there isn’t just for quick washes but also relaxing retreats.

Designing your bathroom’s motif

There are many ways to approach the renovation of your bathroom’s look to give a more relaxing ambiance and a more coordinated visual direction. From color palettes to furnishing options, you can easily design a room that’s perfect for your personal use.

In this article, we will share three motif ideas that you can try to improve your master bathroom:

1. Tranquil motif

The key to achieving a calm and soothing environment is by having as few distractions as possible. This is why spas and resorts typically use a limited color palette from their establishment’s interiors to their choice of bedding and towels.

Transform your master’s bedroom into an indoor spa by taking cues from spa centers and hotels – use a calm palette with neutral and ocean hues. To make your bathroom more relaxing, you need to make as little clutter as possible, or at least creatively hide them. Utilize your vanity by installing under-sink storages and wall cabinets to avoid seeing items with patches of color that don’t mix well with its surroundings.

You should also optimize both your lighting and flooring options to make a scenic environment. Install larger tiles that require less maintenance in cleaning grime from the grout or attach a dimmer switch for your lights to keep your senses muted and focused on relaxing. As a bonus, you can also add wall-mounted Bluetooth speakers to set you into the mood of being in a home away from home.

2. Modern motif

An excellent way to end the day is by immersing yourself in a bathroom that’s clean, organized, and timeless in terms of practicality and design. Modern bathrooms usually use a simple yet effective monochromatic palette that is visually appealing to anyone. Furthermore, a combination of black, white, and neutral tiles will match perfectly with your bathroom essentials’ shade.

You can install off-white and gray fixtures such as cabinets and lanterns to balance out your bathroom’s palette. This allows your visual motif to bridge the shades from white to black. One way to keep your bathroom’s modern look is by installing metallic frames, containers, and sink knobs to add dimension and depth to our room’s visual appeal. Similar to the tranquil motif, you should avoid having scattered objects like shampoo bottles and rugs that will easily clash with your room’s colors.

3. Romantic motif

As an ideal option for couples, installing a romantic motif is a mix of both tranquil and organic interior designs. Warm colors can make your bathroom space feel more spacious with the addition of vibrant hues, such as peach and gold, to give an accent to your design.

You can also mix both natural and organic shapes in your bathroom by using plants or flowers in completing the room’s look. Match your color options with compatible neutral colors, such as off-white or pastel red, to can make a uniform and contrasting room.


Personalizing your home is one of the great joys of owning a home. Instead of focusing purely on the structural aspects of your bathroom, you can also add personal artworks or framed pieces from your favorite artists to give your room a more personal feel when you’re taking a long shower.

If you need the help of custom home builders in Greenwood, IN, to handle your bathroom’s renovation, our expert team of building contractors is more than happy to help. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll collaborate with you in building the bathroom motif of your dreams!