House designs have evolved throughout time, with multiple elements being replaced and improved, or whole new innovations integrated altogether. Although many things have changed throughout history when it comes to architectural design depending on the location of the home being built, some elements of design are timeless. These timeless themes are often seen in custom homes and luxurious high-end abodes that integrate either one or multiple of these elements. 

Some of the most popular home elements of architectural design will be discussed in this article. Whether you are putting together a dream house concept or already talking to housebuilders and designers on your extensive plans, here are some great, timeless home design elements:

The Coastal Contemporary Home

When designing a home based on this style, this design plays on clean lines to accent the calm nature of the coast, using a lot of natural materials and playing with textures and light sources. The important part to highlight when considering this for a custom home is the play of light sources. You will want a nice light source from natural light through large windows that give off amazing views of the waterfront or rolling hills around the area. Outdoor spaces are also very welcome, as they allow homeowners to soak up the ocean’s breeze and cool, fresh air. If housebuilders are able to integrate outdoor spaces with indoor spaces in a seamless way, this provides amazing atmospheric energy around the house. 

These houses may also include nice landscaping that gives off a serene vibe, along with custom swimming pools, roof decks, balconies, or even docks if situated by the ocean or bay. 

The Industrial Craftsman Design

Craftsman architectural design emerged in the mid-1800s during the industrial revolution. Exteriors often exhibit a nice blend of wood, stone, and brick. These homes may have covered front porches that are supported by columns. Roofs are low pitched and exposed beams protrude them giving off strong, horizontal lines. Many of these elements can be integrated into modern homes, and the materials used are good for insulation in colder climates. Colors used by this style are muted earth tones that come in shades of green, brown, or taupe. These custom homes are easier to build and design, which makes them a viable option for many. 


Mediterranean home styles are extremely popular in warmer climates, as they contain a beautiful mix of indoor and outdoor spaces that allow fresh air to enter at all times. Some of these spaces include courtyards, terraces, and atriums that allow cool air to circulate the home regularly. Exterior designs of mediterranean houses contain large windows and doors with red-tiled terra cotta roofs, with white painted brick walls. Smalls details such as stones, iron, and metalworks on certain exterior balconies and front doors and even fountains or ponds are found in these homes.  

Because of this, the home has a very open and welcoming atmosphere that makes it one with nature. With all the fresh air and open spaces that make welcoming guests a part of the whole setup, it is no wonder why luxury custom homes are proprietors of this setup.

Traditional Homes

This whole setup entails minimalism and simplicity, with simple roof lines, symmetrically setup windows, and very few exterior accents and decorations. With this design, it becomes easy to mix past and present designs, as simplicity acts as the blank canvas. These homes are usually two-story with covered entry elements, with the exterior building materials utilized being brick, wood, plaster, and stone. If you want a simple, custom house, perhaps it is best to invest in the base setup of a traditional home, and add elements from other architectural movements that tickle your fancy.


The best part about modern architecture is that designs are usually acceptable, and can be mixed and matched with just about anything. No longer are there single building standards or designs, because contemporary art and design provide the freedom to build a house that makes you personally happy.

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