Creative lighting will go a long way in adding to the overall vibe of the environment in a custom home. Lighting in general is an essential component of design. It can make a statement, set a mood or serve a particular purpose.

To complete your new home’s design, it’s important to decide on creative lighting ideas for all the different spaces of your home. This article will discuss creative ways to incorporate various types of lighting into your home to make it sparkle.

Read on to get fun, inspiring, creative lighting ideas for your custom home:

Accent Lighting

As the name suggests, accent lighting can accentuate and put the focus on specific things or areas. It helps rooms have a centralized focal point. In some cases, lighting placed symmetrically on either side of an object can do that. For example, you might want to draw the viewer’s attention to a painting using focused light from both sides of it. A gorgeous antique’s woodgrain can be highlighted with the right lighting at play.

Integrated Lighting

Framing a mirror with lighting is a great way to add a positive vibe to a room, especially a bathroom where it can highlight furniture details and engage the natural light. Brighter lights can be used in a bathroom or makeup area in the bedroom and dressing room, while a subtle lighting effect can be placed in staircases as they wind their way up to bedrooms, wrapping around and inside each step.

Multi-Directional Lighting

Ideally, lighting several areas of an open floor plan should include several fixtures with multiple bulbs. Installing a set of recessed lighting fixtures means you can light up the living area, while adding a chandelier near the front door and another near the fireplace means you can visually separate different parts of the space. Another option is the multidirectional lamp: each light can be directed in any direction you wish, or they can all be pointed in the same direction.


Pendant lights come in a wide variety of colors, designs, materials, shades and shapes. Some are designed for the area over an island, peninsula, or some other kind of eating area. These pendant lights, which extend down from the ceiling, bring focus to the area below, and they add a design element. Pendants also look great over a bed in a bedroom as reading lamp.

Task Lighting

Don’t forget to install lighting fixtures that are practical and dedicated to the space. For example, a kitchen prep area could use recessed, can-style lights over the countertop, or a bay window could use a recessed light with a long lampshade to create a cozy reading nook with a daylight-like effect. Alternatively, you could install a row of uplights in the features over the seating area in the living room.


Custom homes are fantastic and they bring plenty of warmth to homeowners really wanting to own their spaces. A great way for the vibe to be set is through the creative use of lighting. Consider pendants, task lighting and accent lighting.

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