Designing and building a luxury house from the ground up is an exciting yet overwhelming experience. But envisioning your dream home and watching it take shape in front of you is the best feeling. Here are the best ways to get the most out of your custom home building experience.

1. Iron Out the Home Details and Find a Home Lot.

Before the construction starts, enumerate a list of things you would like to see in the finished project. How many bedrooms do you need? How many bathrooms should be in there? Do you need a theater room, a wine room, or a guest room? Will you require an expansive outdoor living area?

Make sure to take your time to build this list and continue to jot down ideas that come into mind before the official designing process begins. By writing down the things you need, you’ll help your contractors build your dream house.

It is also an excellent opportunity to think about the cost and the budget allotted for this project. Whether it will be paid through financing or cash, it is still better to be prepared for how expensive the materials will be. After listing the things you need in the new house, try to tweak and adjust the budget. Consider the fees and taxes that come with construction projects and the payment of the contractors’ fees.

2. Pick the Architect and Home Builder.

After all the preferences are listed down, the next step is to choose the architect and home builder to bring the project to life. It is better if you or someone you trust knows the architect. Base on others’ personal experiences with the architect and home builder to determine how good they actually are.

3. Review the Contracts Multiple Times.

Before you sign above the dotted line, read every word and understand the contract. It is not about expediting the building process but knowing what to expect while the house is getting built and making sure none of your specifications is missed. 

Make sure that everything talked about in your past meetings is listed down in the contract. It should also contain vital information like the estimated date of completion and process of the home builder in case of delays.

4. Do Your Part.

As a client, it is essential to do your part in the journey of building your home. Make careful selections in the materials and minimize the number of change orders. Also, try to create a great relationship with your builder to make the work lighter and happen naturally. 

Keep in mind that your project manager is your biggest ally. Every move you make should be consulted with them before deciding on it.

5. Inspect Upon Completion.

After the house is built, the home builder will offer a walkthrough. During the walkthrough, try to be meticulous, inspect every part of the house as much as possible, and make sure everything was made exactly as you envisioned it. 

Requesting for a bit of revision should be alright, as long as it is logical. Hiring a home inspector should also lift this burden off your shoulders. Once complete, review the warranty and contract again to see what the builders cover in your home.


Most people invest in building a house from the ground up rather than buying a pre-built home. It does not only give them the power to design it, but it also an assurance that the house is sturdy and will last a lifetime. 

Clients want to be hands-on in the project, but trusting your architect and home builder improves their job workflow. Be meticulous, but remember to trust the process.

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