Nothing can be more fulfilling than having your home built according to your chosen designs and aesthetics. Yes—the custom builders would be the ones doing all the heavy lifting, but you have the final say on it all. The living room, the bedroom, the garage, and even the bathroom would all abide according to your preferred sizes and dimensions. 

Don’t Forget The Kitchen

Now, out of all these important parts of your home, you probably shouldn’t be missing out on the kitchen as well. Seeing as it’ll be one of the most utilized parts of your house, it would only be appropriate for it to be comfy enough to sit in during your short coffee break from chores, while at the same time be big enough for you and your family to gather in during meals.

If all the design choices would be coming from you, wouldn’t it be wise to pick out the most enticing aesthetics in the market today? Even if you have no experience with interior design, at least a general idea of which floors, adornments, and necessities to use would suffice in order to form a kitchen that would be very functional for the whole household. Perhaps you just need a couple of recommendations to trigger the lightbulb on you. 

Well, look no further; keep reading below for some kitchen design tips to use for your custom home building project:

Go for Stainless Steel Finishes

Your kitchen tabletop may look even better with a stainless steel finish. Think of it as a sort of a blurred mirror surrounding the sides of the tabletop. It somehow provides that Michelin star kitchen feel to it, without border lining into the dirty kitchen route! 

Have More Than One Sink

You may discuss the feasibility of this with your custom builders. There are times in which you may have to wash a huge pile of silverware after a hearty meal. “Divide and conquer,” as they say; get help and divide the tasks among your other family members! Let them use the extra sink so that you wouldn’t be all cramped up in just a single sink, slowing down the process.

Utilize Marble

If your tabletop is made of marble, then congratulations! It would be easier to clean after every cooking session. A wooden tabletop, while glamorous and beautiful, is a lot harder to clean, especially if you were to spill liquid ingredients on it by accident. The stench of soy sauce, for example, may stick—and it would be time-consuming to brush it off the wood all the time!

Choose Glossy Tiles Too

The main goal here is to use materials that are both durable and easy to clean. As with marbles and stainless steel, glossy tiles are known to be ‘one-wipe’ surfaces, especially if you’re dealing with baking materials and sauces. 

The choice of tile color would also be yours, so clarify the finer details with your custom builders. 

Pick Out an Enticing Wall Color

The kitchen is all about triggering your appetite. Aside from your home-cooked meals, the surrounding aesthetics should also help lighten up the mood of those cooking within it. Discuss the choice of paint and wall color with both your family members and the custom builders, and watch your barren kitchen turn into a place of relaxation and delicious moments!


The kitchen is a place of relaxation, of appetite, and of heartfelt gatherings. It isn’t so much about the meals that are put on the table that makes a kitchen bloom with life; no—it’s also about the feel and usefulness of a kitchen that incites a mood of love and affection! The aesthetics and design would contribute to that overall feel, and with the help of your custom builders, you can be sure to accomplish this with no hitch!

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