There are definitely nicely made homes that are pre-made and ready for you to move into. Just sign here, and here, then you have your new home! While it may be a nice home, some people just love to have the feeling of taking the reigns of controlling what goes into their home, and what to omit. This is why people have been increasingly going for custom homes to live out all the dreams they have had while they were growing up. While you can take the easy route out and choosing a built home, you lose out on personalizing it to your tastes. 

Of course, the process of building custom homes is not cheap, as you need the services of a couple of designers, a contractor, and other workers to assist in building the home. This is something that requires a ton of planning and saving up to be able to make dreams into reality. Although partaking in the journey will mean expenses, we at Duke Homes have compiled a list of adjustments to make to reduce the costs of your custom home as much as possible:

Roof And Exterior Tips

The trick is to keep the floor plan you like, but alter the style of the roof and omit some exterior design elements such as complicated pillars and integrating flashy decorations. Remember that the most simple the design is, the easier it will be to build meaning slashed costs on labor. If you want to know how to keep the design simple, but also integrating simple elements to make your design look unique, consult your designer to learn more about their strategies. 

Take Some Matters Into Your Own Hands

If you are someone who likes DIY or is married to someone who likes to conduct DIY projects, this is the perfect way to save money. Conduct some of the painting jobs, installations of cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, and shelf building on closets by yourselves to save on paying someone else to do it for a high price. If you have a green thumb, consider working on the landscaping on your own to give it your own touch and scape it towards the direction you want. 

Mix And Match Flooring Materials

While it may be tempting to splurge immediately on a whole set of tiles for your custom home, or wood or marble flooring, perhaps you can look for cheaper alternatives as a starting point. You can ask your contractor to install vinyl flooring that is of high quality as a placeholder for future tiling projects. 

Think Of Your Windows

Consider the number of windows needed and their styles. Chances are that if you are in a subdivision, you can remove the side windows that face your neighbors home for privacy, or find less expensive options for some of the windows. 

Look For Simple Faucets And Fixtures

For bathrooms, many faucet and fixture options exist. While it may be tempting to go big on a very aesthetically pleasing faucet, chances are that there is a cheaper one available somewhere else or anther simpler model from another brand. Exhaust all options before deciding on something expensive. 

Find The Right Contracting Firm

This is one of the biggest things to consider when choosing to build a custom home. While some contractors offer cheaper rates than others, this may seem like saving money initially, but future endeavors may include longer construction times and poor craftsmanship. Sometimes, the best way is to invest heavily in your contractor to ensure they are the best ones for the job or find one that works well with your budget in mind. 


Building your dream custom home does not have to be extremely expensive and headache-inducing. With the right strategies and decisions about construction, as well as a good team of designers and contractors, your home will be done in no time just the way you want it. 

Duke Homes are the best custom home builder in the Greenwood area and can give you your dream home just the way you want it. Our talented team of designers and contractors is ready to work with you and give you a headache-free building experience.