Type-B moms are all about the spontaneous lifestyle. They are typically carefree, have low expectations, and are often steady workers. More often than not, you may find them surviving daily, happening to just get by in life without falling too deep into exhaustion! They also have a way of leaving off items in specific locations, not having enough initiative to clean up or organize—unlike what type-A moms would usually do! Indeed, type-B moms are “unique” in their own regard.

With that in mind, just because type-B moms aren’t organized doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve a break. They are still moms, after all! They have their beloved kids to take care of, they have daily chores, and they have to manage the household despite all the mess. 

In such a case, they deserve to know the different “workarounds” regarding home designs. These so-called workarounds would sync with their carefree nature, and it would also make things more convenient for them despite all the unorganized bulk indoors.

Place a Couple Of Drawers for the Random Mess

Type-B moms may be disorganized, but that doesn’t mean that there is no hope of clearing up that disorganized mess. 

Instead of accumulating mess around the house, they may place drawers in each of their rooms as containers for random items. If the kids aren’t keen on picking up their toys, the mom may throw them in the readily available drawer for that particular room! The same goes for the other random items they may find around the house; they could easily be picked up and shoved in the drawers. 

This would create a clear path for when they have to walk around the place to do their other daily chores. The days of tripping over random items indoors would be long gone!

Consider the Daily Activities as a Basis for the Home Design

Even type-B moms know what they want! Yes, they are carefree, but they are also used to handling all of the chores and babysitting that goes with being a mom-at-home. 

If their home will be undergoing a renovation, a type-B mom has the choice to rearrange a couple of sections indoors to make her daily activity more efficient and convenient. For example, if her usual day starts out by preparing breakfast for the kids, followed by watering the plants in the backyard, then the chances are that she may want to relocate the kitchen next to the backyard garden, to make things easier!

Discuss the Design Ideas with the Kids

A type-B mom’s main attention would usually lean more towards her kids. In that regard, she may discuss the potential outcome of her custom design ideas with them. This is done to sort out a feasible plan that would make the house sections convenient for everyone. Her toddlers may prefer a separate play area, while her teens may want a place where they can relax and play with their smartphones in peace. 

These are crucial, especially as it may coincide with the second pointer. Going with that point, if her kid’s play areas were located near her usual chore areas, she would be able to transfer faster and finish all her tasks quicker than before.


Type-B moms are always laid back when it comes to handling household matters. They do not stress themselves with minor things; instead, they’d rather focus on the well-being of their kids. The tips mentioned above would help them make the custom home designs work in their favor. It would also ensure that they’ll be able to move around the house with no hassle, no limits, and fewer accidents.

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