There are many trends that come and go within the interior design space, as well as that home building. However, what seems to be a growing afterthought is the closets. There are many six-figure to million-dollar luxury custom homes whose closets are nothing more than cheap laminate or pressed wood that’s not adjustable. Aside from the questionable look, these are largely adequate at best.

Read on to find out why having a custom closet in new home construction shouldn’t be an afterthought:

Closets Are Used Several Times in a Single Day

Let’s face it: not all of the rooms in your new home will be used all the time. Sunrooms, basements, formal dining rooms, dens, formal living rooms, and even basements may be used every so often, but they aren’t among the rooms that must be used every single day. Bedroom closets, on the other hand, are accessed twice a day, if not more. A pantry closet will have near-endless uses as various family members go through it.

A home that contributes to living well involves investing funds where the most usage happens. Frequency of use as a factor will certainly elevate closets as an investment in the list of home upgrades to get.

Heightened Visibility for the Things You Have 

When you have a closet that’s builders-grade with a single shelf and pole, squeezing things in is inevitable. It makes figuring out exactly what you have rather tough, and you’ll likely end up buying several things in duplicates as a result. Think about it—chances are you’ve already bought the same shirt twice, or had several canned sauces go bad in your pantry. 

Improve the visibility and organization of your things through a bedroom closet that’s efficient. Make sure it has double hanging space, shelving designed for shoes, and space-efficient drawers. In terms of your pantry, making use of slide out scoop drawers will help prevent food from going to waste.

There Is No Time on Your Hands

How much time do you think you’ve wasted looking for things, time that could have been spent on more productive endeavors? The US News and World Report came out with a study that found people lose an entire year of their lives just trying to find things they’ve lost. Searching for clothes and shoes in a closet that’s all over the place is time-consuming. Trying to find a specific can or three in the back end of pantry shelves can also be inconvenient.

Having a closet system that’s organized won’t magically organize your things all the time. However, they are able to help provide adjustability alongside the structure. That means a space can be made workable down the line. When you have little to no time to spare for trivial matters, a great upgrade is to get an efficient closet system.


When it comes to getting a new home custom built, closets seem to have taken the backseat. However, making them an afterthought is the wrong move to make. Getting a custom closet will come in especially handy when there is no time on your hands, and to have heightened visibility for the things you have. Moreover, it’s key to get good quality ones since closets are used several times a day.

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