What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of the word “cottage?” Is it cottage cheese that you perhaps love to eat, or do you think of your grandma’s home? Well, those two things might trigger some nostalgic feelings in you that creates a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. However, when we are talking about the cottage, we are more so focusing on properties that people associate with the sense of fresh, cool air filled with the smell of freshly-baked bread!

That being said, while a cottage sounds like a great place to relax, not many people want to live in one. This is because cottages aren’t exactly the modern homes people love, nor are they located in a convenient place to enjoy them in. However, modern cottages can change that! With the comforts of a cottage, combined with the advances of modern living, a modern cottage is born.

Trying to build a modern cottage? Here are the elements you must consider to create the perfect look:

1. Pick Cool Colors

Pick a color—but not just any color. Your task is to pick something cool and neutral. 

For instance, cottages generally come in colors that include white and gray, along with a bold accent. This helps to evoke a peaceful and comfortable feeling while still adding that little sizzle to things that make your cottage unique and, more importantly, modern.

2. Expose the Beams

Many modern homes have their beams and other foundations covered. This is something you would not do if trying to achieve a cottage look. With beams, you would want them exposed, especially the ones made of wood. This gives the house a more rustic look and feels that cottages are well known for!

3. Have Woven Textiles

Textures are everything in creating a cottage-like feel—and the texture you should be aiming for is a “woven” look. For things like your pillows down to your throws, pick something that looks woven. Even better, pick something that’s hand-woven! The imperfections in the hand-woven fabric make that modern cottage look just perfect.

4. Use vintage fixtures

As you can tell by now, we’re trying to build a property that’s rustic and comfortable, as all cottages should feel. With the fixtures, such as the bathtub and the sinks, be sure to pick ones that are vintage or vintage-inspired. For instance, you can implement farmhouse sinks in your bathrooms to really immerse in the theme.

5. Focus on the fireplace

The one place that should truly take the attention of any visitor to any cottage is the fireplace. Not only is it responsible for keeping the cottage warm, but it acts as the centerpiece for any modern cottage. As such, focus on building a fireplace that is large and makes a statement! 

Go from there in terms of design and theme, and you will soon come up with a stunning modern cottage.


You can implement so many other design elements into your modern cottage—from arched entryways to open kitchen shelves. Regardless, most, if not all, rustic-oriented designs work incredibly well with modern cottages. 

Of course, you can still implement other aspects of modern buildings, such as glass and metal, but take the time to pair them with the rustic feel of a cottage. This way, you can create a home that screams modern without sacrificing the warm, welcoming feel of a cottage.

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