Building your dream house is considered one of the greatest achievements for any individual. While you may have been building up some excitement over finally achieving this dream, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all plans—putting a stopper on any building plans you may have had.

With the fear of COVID-19 slowly decreasing, the world continues to maneuver through this “new normal” status, leaving local custom builders to find ways to push through with building homes. They continue to study and implement relevant safety precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. 

Before you start having your Greenwood custom home built, it’s a good idea to know a bit about what you need to take into consideration. To help you out, here is a short guide to assist you in having your dream home built amidst this “new normal.”

By following this guide, you will not only be inches away in getting your new dream home, but you will also be contributing to stemming the spread of COVID-19 in your local community at Indianapolis. After all, every preventive measure effort counts for our survival.

Be knowledgeable about COVID-19 prevention guidelines

As mentioned earlier, there have already been proactive steps to contextualize COVID-19 in the setting of home construction. There are certain risk factors immediately pointed out, mainly due to construction work’s nature of gathering a team of people in an enclosed space, while also sharing tools to boot.

To prevent this, there are measures that the construction team can account for to avoid local transmission. By making yourself aware of these guidelines, you can also keep yourself and your household safe.  

First, you must study the recommendations of related health experts and government units on preventing the spread of the coronavirus. In terms of home construction, knowing the guidelines and safety measures set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will help a great deal. The basics of these guidelines include the following: 

  • Have sick construction staff stay at home and self-quarantine
  • Practice good hand hygiene
  • Wear protective gear, like a face mask or face shield
  • Limit construction tool sharing

Once you know these guidelines, you can either communicate with your construction team and even relay this information to them. Most custom builders in Indianapolis may already be practicing these guidelines, but it’s good to double-check with their process to make sure. 

Take note that these protocols may slow down the building process, but that’s all a part of the “new normal.” As such, be patient and open to adjustments as you work with your home construction team. 

Disinfect your new home once it’s finished 

You might be tempted to move in right away as soon as your home is completed, but this might not be a good move. No matter how compliant to health and safety protocols your home construction team was, there is still an off chance that the virus has settled into your home’s surfaces. As there is no way to see the virus in plain sight, it’s best to take an extra step for safety and sanitation.

As such, strongly consider disinfecting your newly built home before moving in. This will not only bring you and your household some peace of mind as you move in, but it also grants you the security that your home is COVID-19-free. 


Building your dream house during the “new normal” may be a challenge, but it can be done. By ensuring prevention protocol and adapting to this “new normal,” you can step into your dream home without the added stress of dealing with COVID-19. To help you out, find a team of construction professionals that have accounted for building even during this pandemic. 

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