So, you are now considering or preparing to build a custom home for yourself and your family. You may already know that new home construction will involve a lot of work. Before you get overwhelmed with all the things you need to think about or before you proceed to the hard work, here’s a little reminder of what to do and what not to do when designing your home.  

What you should not do

1. Don’t forget to plan

Having a plan for your custom home will make everything easier for you. Not having one will cost you time and money. The first thing homeowners usually do is to look for a building contractor when planning their custom home. Before contacting one, make sure to have at least an idea of what you want for your home. Do your research and look for inspiration, which will help you with all the decision-makings later. 

2. Don’t hold back on ideas and desires

Custom home means you have all the options, and you can be specific on the details in all areas of your home. During the design process, do not hesitate to speak up about your wishes or concerns. If you wait until your home is half-made, applying the changes would be time-consuming and expensive.

3. Don’t close off to new ideas

While having a plan is important, you also have to be open to other ideas, as well as the chance of completely changing what you planned. Sometimes, there are uncontrollable factors that will force you to change some details in your home. Other times, there will be suggestions to improve your current ideas. Prepare yourself for these little changes and go with what’s best for your home.

What you should do

1. Prioritize your needs

Always go back to the reason that you prefer a custom home. Making one from scratch instead of buying an existing house has its advantages. So when you’re planning a custom home, make sure it meets your requirements. It is helpful to separate the list of your needs versus your wants. This way, it would be easier for you when you need to decide, especially when you’re on a strict budget.

2. Think long-term for your plans

When thinking of a dream home, people often think of the visual appeal or the specific layout they want. While this is important too, you should also not forget about how long-lasting your design and materials will be. 

One thing you must not forget when it comes to long-term plans is the location. Since you’ll be putting a lot of effort, time, and money for your home project, make sure the place where you’ll build it is carefully chosen. Make sure that you know how the taxes, fees, and permits work in that area. Research about the area’s drainage system and if there is a potential development happening in the coming years. Check if these all align with your long-term plans.

3. Allot extra storage

When creating a design for your home, always consider the growth you and your family will go through overtime. Growing means there’s more hobbies, interests, collections, and material things that will eventually take up your space. Later on, you’ll also get tired of your current set up, so allot a space for these things you’d need to keep.

4. Do expect a few delays

A lot of people, decision making, and work are involved in the making of a custom home. The same with other projects, you may experience delays due to different reasons. Consider that in your timeline, and if possible, add allowance to your target deadlines. 


There are many things to consider when building a home according to your needs and preferences. To make sure you’d go through the process without forgetting important details, work with professionals that will help you in improving your plans and making them come to life.

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