Lighting is essential to our homes, but often it’s overlooked. Many people choose fixtures they like without even thinking about lighting. Simply replacing a ceiling light with a cool pendant light, or adding a chandelier, can make a huge difference.

Lighting Trends in 2022

For 2022, trends when it comes to lighting are incredibly brilliant. There’s something for every room, and to appeal to every individual taste out there. Subtle bulbs and lamps that fill a room in light cautiously are the way to go for some. Other people are more likely to go for chandeliers that are in-your-face and flashy.

That said, there are quite a number of trends that experts have seen on the rise for the year. Read on to learn more about them, alongside tips on putting them to use in your personal space.

Gentle Lighting That’s Subtle

Statement lights sit on one end of the spectrum, but the entire other end has gentle fixtures. Those are the kinds that simply blend into a room, which has a subtle light that’s diffusing it. Despite that, a rather dramatic change in the atmosphere can still happen. The overall look of the room will, in turn, shift considerably.

Put simply, if a light is “melting” into a space, then it’s absolutely on-trend.

Lighting That’s Linear

Long lines and simpler silhouettes are starting to replace the intricate, heavily decorated fixtures that have been popular for the last few years. Ornate chandeliers and bold designs will still be in style, but the simplified look is a refreshing change that many homeowners may be looking for.

Linear lighting is also great for offering the ideal scale for kitchen islands with a single pendant light or dining rooms with rectangular tables. They afford an incredibly seamless look, completing a space with a single lighting fixture.

Sizable Lights That Are the Center of Attention

In order to give a space a whole new lease on life, do not underestimate an oversized chandelier. It’s an affordable means of refreshing an entryway or a room. Guests won’t be able to miss it at all! Traditionally, chandeliers were reserved for the foyer in a home or dining rooms. In today’s day and age, they can be used in a number of settings. Making the right choice will go a long way.

Unconventionally Matching Lights

Even the most opposite of styles can somehow complement each other when paired. Timeless silhouettes, for example, can be given a modern twist through updated materials and finishes. Sometimes, decorators and/or homeowners will be caught between two or more designs; this is an ideal way to mitigate that.

A good example of this is the classic problem of going old-world traditional or full-on modern. The two can be mixed instead; for example, a chandelier can be modernized through elements like wooden beads.


Lighting is a major part of any home or office, but it’s still overlooked quite a bit. For this year, experts have seen quite a number of trends shine. This includes sizable lights that are the center of attention and linear lighting.

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