It’s one thing to buy a house and another to build it from the ground up. Building a custom home is an exciting venture, given that it allows aspiring homeowners to design their home however they like.

Do you have the same opportunity? If so, you may be looking for architectural styles to apply to your custom home. Here are some you may want to consider.

1. Bungalow

A bungalow is typically a one-story, narrow custom home with a low-pitched roof. It also features a front porch, which is an ideal place to relax, meet with friends and relatives, or enjoy the view.

The bungalow house style goes well with wood siding and natural-color bricks. You may also place a chimney on the roof, which evokes a traditional appeal.

2. Contemporary

Contemporary houses aren’t limited to a particular floor plan. Instead, they emphasize a simple design and intelligent use of space. They also apply modern materials and finishes, making them especially appealing to young homeowners.

Modern designs typically feature open floor plans, high ceilings, lots of windows, and linear designs. The varying features of most contemporary homes make them versatile for most buyers.

3. Farmhouse

Farmhouse houses also have a low-pitched roof. However, they are typically larger and feature a broad front porch with a small, gabled roof. They also feature double-hung sash windows on the front, making it easy to admire the view or participate in outdoor activities.

Houses in this style tend to be made of wood, although you can also find some that use stone, brick, or stucco. They also tend to be less expensive to construct, thanks to the use of more affordable construction materials.

4. Georgian

Georgian houses are grandiose, featuring multiple stories and a symmetrical façade. They also have several different architectural features, such as a wraparound porch, a gabled roof, dormer windows, and shutters on the front.

If you’re planning to build a Georgian custom home, you may have to choose from different types. For instance, a Cape Cod Georgian has a gable roof with a full-height shed dormer along the front. In contrast, a classical Georgian home has a hip roof. It also has a central entrance, with a porch that extends across the front.

5. Mediterranean

Mediterranean-style homes have arched windows and doors, and they come with arched or round doorways. They are also made of clay tiles or stucco on the exterior. They also tend to be built with red tile roofs, although they sometimes have flat roofs with parapets.

Inside they have large rooms filled with comfortable furniture. They also have vaulted ceilings and high windows, which allow natural light to fill most rooms. The arched architecture, coupled with high-quality materials, makes the Mediterranean home one of the most beautiful custom homes to build.

6. Tudor

The Tudor home has distinct architectural features, from the steeply-pitched roof and brickwork to the half-timbered façade. It also features a prominent chimney, which serves as a wall feature.

Homes that come with a Tudor-style roof feature a steep, cross-gabled roof. They feature half-timbering, a wooden boarding technique commonly used in Tudor homes. They are also made of timber framing and often have a stucco exterior.


Building a custom home comes with many benefits and opportunities. However, you may want to use an architectural styles guide to make the process less confusing.

The best way to select the right style is to research and consider the features that best suit your preference and budget. Choose the one that matches your existing style or reminds you of your dream house.

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