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Mike at Aberdeen, 2018

Thankful for God’s provision. His timing and plans are better than our own. Heres a story on that:

Back in 2006, I was trying to get a master planned community off the ground called The Abbey. The 1000 acre country club was set to have 2000 homesites and various town-like features. Plans were finalized, land options were in place, yet something held us back. And thankfully, we avoided creating a master-planned community right as the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression came sneaking up on us.

Now, 12 years later, we have a smaller, more purposeful community launching on the best section of that same site. We had over a decade to reevaluate and think through our plans. And I am excited about the intention we’ve poured into every detail. I’ll share more on this very soon.

Ultimately, what looked to be a setback in 2006 ended up being a huge blessing. Please share if you have an example of God’s provision in your life in the comments below!