Spring has always been a symbol of fresh beginnings, which is why many people want to start their new home construction or home remodeling project during this season. As you bid farewell to the last days of winter, you may be wondering if you should call your building contractor. 

The weather is great during this season, as the ground is dry, yet the air is still a bit cool. However, is that the only reason to get your project started? In this article, your trusted custom home builder in Greenwood will share six reasons why spring is the best time for home construction or renovation:

1. The Weather Condition Is Ideal

As mentioned above, spring offers that perfect middle ground between freezing winter and sweltering summer. Contractors work more efficiently when the weather is good, and there will be fewer weather-related delays. This also means that your project will be completed faster than when it’s done during other seasons.

2. You’ll Get a Higher Price for Your Home

If you’re renovating your home so that you can sell it, you’ll be able to fetch a higher price for it when your renovations are completed in early spring. Keep in mind that newly renovated homes attract more potential buyers, so having the project done during this time can make your property stand out from a saturated real estate market!

3. You Get Ahead in the Lineup of Projects

The earlier you can get your project listed on your contractor’s calendar, the earlier they can start with it. As most home builders will tell you, things will get hectic during the summer. If you wait until that season, your project may get backlogged, and it might take months before they even start. It’s best to beat the “traffic” and get first in line for the builders’ spring construction projects. 

4. You’ll Have More Time to Get Your Home Construction or Remodel Done

Suppose you are planning to have one of those luxury custom homes built for you. In this case, you can expect it to be a vast and complex project that could take some time to complete. When you get the building started during spring, you have those months to get the job done, plus summer and even fall, if needed. This will mean fewer delays and a higher possibility of the project getting done before the harsh winter arrives!

5.  The Project Won’t Be That Disruptive

If you’re planning to get some renovations, it is best to do it in the spring when it wouldn’t get in the way of most of your usual activities. Winter holidays are all over, so you wouldn’t have to worry about those, and summer is still ahead. When you get the project started in the spring, it will probably be done by the time the hotter months arrive so that you can carry on with your usual travel plans and other activities you do with your family in summer!

6. You Can Get Amazing Deals on Supplies

Many showrooms have the end of winter sales where they give huge discounts on items from the previous season. When you start your project in the spring, you can take advantage of those great deals and save on the supplies that can be used in your home improvement or construction!


There are indeed many good reasons to have a home construction or a renovation project done in the spring beyond the ideal weather it offers. You can get ahead of other homeowners who plan to get their homes built or renovated in the summer. You’ll also get fewer disturbances, and the contractors will be able to work efficiently in these months. Moreover, you get to save money on supplies and even raise your home’s price after the remodel if you put it up for sale. As such, there’s no reason why you should let this wonderful season pass without getting started on your home construction or remodel plan!

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