Of all the rooms in the house, master bedrooms probably get the most use. This bedroom is also one of the most intimate and personal spaces of the home. This is the space you will start and end your day in, so it will need a lot of careful thought and consideration in planning. 

Whether you are working with a custom builder or a designing it yourself, here are our top tips for designing the perfect master bedroom:

Plan around your bed

The centerpiece of your room should be the one that gets the most use: the bed. If you’re going for a queen or a king-sized one, make sure there’s ample room on all sides. There’s nothing worse than having to push the bed against a wall. Full-sized two-person beds should be accessible on either side, with room to spare. Whenever possible, opt for the king-sized bed, as this is the piece of furniture you will use the most. Consider also the most visible portion of the bed–the headboard. This part of the bed will draw the most attention. You can choose whether it will be solid wood, or upholster it with fabric for a more luxurious effect.

Splurge on linens

Since the focal point of the room is the bed, a more substantial chunk of your budget should be spent on soft, cozy bed coverings. You’ll likely be spending a third of your life in bed, so you will want to make this the most comfortable place to sleep in. More than artwork or decor pieces, the linens you pick out will determine just how much you will enjoy spending time in your room.

Make room for storage

After you’ve established your sleeping space, plan for adequate storage. Ideally, the wardrobes and dressers should be recessed and built-in to give you more space to move around your room. Talk to a custom builder who can help you work on an intelligent storage system. When planning storage, have specific and deliberate uses for them for your clothes and belongings. It should not be the other way around. Creating cabinets with no particular purpose invites unnecessary clutter. 

Space out your furniture

Don’t plan to have credenzas or cabinets to crowd around your room. At most, you will need accent seating and lighting, but try to keep your furniture to a minimum. The more space you have, the more conducive it will be to unwind and relax.

Select good lighting

Lighting in the bedroom can affect your mood, and your bedroom is the place you want to feel most comfortable and relaxed. Be sure to provide several options for lighting around the room: soft lighting for your nightstand, isolated lighting for a reading nook, and full but not harsh overall lighting for the entire room. A skilled custom builder can help you install a dimmer so you can control the glare of the lights depending on the time of day. 

Whatever size bedroom you are working with, keep these top tips in mind when you plan your design. The most important thing to remember is that a master bedroom should be a place that you do not want to leave in the morning and a room you look forward to coming home to at night.

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