Building a beautiful, safe, and comfortable home where you and your family can create unforgettable memories together is exciting. But with the many designs you can choose from, your new home construction process can easily get daunting and stressful.

Deciding on the style can be one of the hardest parts of building your custom home. To help you find the balance between trendy and timeless, follow the tips mentioned below:

1. Consider your lifestyle and needs

The design of your custom home should not only be aesthetically pleasing. You have to prioritize its functionality and efficiency, which means the layout should suit your lifestyle and meet your present and future needs.

When you have small children in your home, stick to family-friendly elements. For instance, your little one can get tempted to unleash their creativity and draw on your walls. You can ask your house builders for suggestions about the most suitable wall colors that can make scribbles and drawings unnoticeable.

2. Stick to classic designs for larger parts of your home

Trends come and go. To future-proof your home, use timeless designs for its larger parts and construction items, such as your flooring, exterior finishes, countertops, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, interior doors, trim work, and appliances. 

Some natural materials that never go out of style are wood, stone, granite, and marble. As for colors, stick to neutral hues to complete a timeless look.

3. Experiment with trends

While trends go in and out of style, don’t hesitate to experiment with them. Add trendy design elements in the small details of your home that help create a one-of-a-kind look, such as the finishes, hardware, lighting fixtures, art pieces, accent furniture, rugs, minimal décor, and bold backsplashes. 

Using trendy elements for parts that are easier to change out or replace lets you update the look of your home more easily. It also prevents you from having a large and costly construction project when you are ready to try a different trend.

4. Have fun

Choosing the perfect style for your home can be difficult, but it’s also the most enjoyable part. It’s easy to get carried away with the stress of the construction process. However, don’t forget to have fun. You can mix and match timeless elements and add some trendy designs on various parts of your house.

5. Hire house designers

Every aspiring homeowner dreams of a lovely house, and it can be frustrating when you fail to get the look just like how you imagined it. To get started in your design and ensure the quality of your home, turn to our experienced house designers in Greenwood. We take pride in having solid skills, workmanship, and artistry.

Our house builders will guide you throughout the entire planning process to help you incorporate trendy and classy design elements into your dream home. Feel free to discuss your vision, and we can help you turn it into reality.


Making your home trendy yet timeless can be challenging, but what matters most is you’re confident about your personal design style. You can always ask home builders for help and request a customized design that meets your needs, taste, and lifestyle.

Build your dream custom home with help from our skilled home builders in Greenwood, Indianapolis. Book our building services today!