When mapping out the design of your home, windows may not rank that high up on your list of priorities. After all, they sort of just naturally fall into place, right? 

The truth is that windows have a huge impact on your house—they can affect everything from how much natural light filters to how cool or warm your house is. It can also dramatically transform the way your house looks with its style, size, and placement. It can even affect the appearance of some of your furnishings!

Not sure what kind of windows should go where? Here are five places to put your new windows:

The Dining or Living Room

These are spaces that should feel open and comfortable, and picture windows would instantly spice up any dining or living room! Picture windows are windows with a large pane of glass that allows you to enjoy an uninterrupted view of your house’s surroundings. It also brings in a lot of natural light to your room, along with the peaceful atmosphere of nature. You might even imagine that you’re relaxing or dining outdoors!

Picture windows are also great for those who live in places that experience all four seasons. You’ll get to watch the subtle transformation of trees from lush green to warm brown and orange, and you’ll also get to enjoy your neighbors’ holiday decorations from the comfortable seat of your living room. 

The Foyer (Or Any Tall Room)

Tall, grand spaces are perfect places to put windows. It easily expands the depth of the room while making it friendlier and warmer with natural sunlight. The windows that are most suitable for these types of rooms are transom windows, which are windows with smaller panes that are usually added above bigger windows. These create a sort of design or picture out of your windows, which can easily expand the room even further while adding gorgeous views that provide more natural light to your home. 

The Guest Bathroom 

This room tends to be small in a home, but it doesn’t mean that they benefit any less from windows! Small rooms tend to feel bigger with a window installed, as it also allows for more sunlight to brighten the space. It also provides users of the guest bathroom with more comfort since it won’t feel as claustrophobic. If you do certain chores in your guest bathroom, such as bathing your dog, having a window installed will make it easier for you to see what exactly it is you’re doing—all while giving you a view to boot!

The Laundry Room

Similarly, you’ll also need lots of light when doing your laundry—you have to make sure that nothing is lost in the washing machine or dryer, after all. These rooms also tend to be small and are sometimes forgotten about when thinking about window placement, but brightening your laundry room will make it more pleasant to work in. You’ll have a much more enjoyable time folding your laundry with some natural light in. It can also help your laundry room feel a little bigger.

The Utility Room

This small, cramped room could definitely benefit from a window as well. The natural light will come in handy in the event of power outages, and you’ll have an easier time checking on your utility panels if you won’t have to fish for your phone’s flashlight. It will also discourage the growth of mold, which tend to grow in dark and damp places. 


It’s important to factor in the size of your room when considering window placement, but it’s just as important to consider the shape as well. Regardless, a strategic addition of windows to a room will instantaneously make it look more spacious, giving you an upgraded look and feel without the price tag.

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