There is nothing more fulfilling than achieving your dream home. While there is some joy in buying a pre-made home, building a custom home has its own merits and excitement attached to it. Even better about this option is that there are a handful of bespoke home options to choose from to achieve your dream home as exactly as you want! However, it can be a bit confusing to select a particular architectural design that works for your new home construction.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up some architectural style choices you may want to consider for your custom home, so keep on reading for your guide and reference.

1. Craftsman style

This home style is known for its natural materials, usually incorporating wood siding exteriors. When it comes to its design, symmetry is the key to a streamlined and balanced look. It is also notable for its low-pitched roofs, typically with gables and overhanging eaves, as well as front porches with tapered columns or pedestals. 

It was initially brought by the Arts and Crafts movement of the early 20th century, which became popular between 1905 and 1930. Today, however, this style has recently come back in the construction industry due to its similarity to the Bungalow style.

2. Mediterranean style

There’s no denying the aesthetic appeal and functional use of this home style. It is notable for its outstanding combination of indoor and outdoor living. Along with this is the fact that it allows ample and open outdoor spaces augmented by greeneries and other natural resources. For this reason, the open plan enables air to flow as a way of keeping the environment cool in a rather hot climate. 

This home style is based on Moorish, Italian, and Spanish architecture. Today, they are popular in the US coastal areas, particularly in southern Texas, Florida, and California.

3. French chateau

As the name suggests, the word “chateau” conjures an image of a classy property notable for its multiple rooms and compelling curb appeal. It’s known for its elaborate features and intricate details. For instance, you can find a custom house with steeply pitched roofs and dramatic chimneys.

This home-style was inspired by the European medieval castles. However, it remains ideal for various high-end communities with similar home structures!

4. Tudor style

This home style is typically characterized by various features; however, expect the exterior to be half-timbered and aesthetically decorated. For instance, you can find roofs steeply pitched with multiple gables, arched doorways, and less open floor plans in Tudor homes. 

This style originated back in England, suited to snowy or rainy environments. Today, it continues to be ideal for indoor living.

5. Modern style

Modern architecture sprung to life in the first half of the 20th century after World War II. If you’re wondering what modern houses look like, look around the neighborhood homes with their open and spacious floor plans, solid white walls, expansive windows, and common materials made of glass, steel, and reinforced concrete. Inspired by modernism’s historical art movement, this home-style has gradually dwindled the traditional neoclassical architecture. 


At this point, you now know what to consider for your new custom home construction. Whether you’re looking into craftsman, Mediterranean, French chateau, Tudor, or modern style, be sure to select something that best suits your home needs. That said, it’s best to work with experienced home designers and contractors that will ultimately turn your home vision into a reality!

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