Planning to have your new house constructed is an exciting experience for you and your partner. No matter how big or small your plans are, having a house built gives enough reason to celebrate. 

Before going on to the construction of your new home, however, it is wise to prepare accordingly to make it as smooth and fast as possible. House building has a lot of intricacies, especially when it comes to customized house designs—which is why ironing out the details prior to the actual construction can help save you lots of money, effort, and time.

To help you in that regard, here are four things to remember when having your new house constructed.

List down what you want

Before contacting a house designer or builder, listing down what you want in your new home is a good first step. A basic sketch can be helpful to guide your thoughts about the matter—don’t focus on what’s possible and what isn’t, it’s simply good to visualize what you want before beginning.

If you have no ideas yet, then you can watch videos or search online for house designs—you can pick up some great ideas you want to be incorporated into your custom home from there. Once done, try to set a priority as to what your non-negotiables are—this way, your house builder can decide which is feasible and what isn’t.

Speak with multiple builders

Make a list of builders who can cater to the construction of your new home. By having multiple options, you can choose which provides the best—and most affordable—service once you have your plans laid out. 

Meet with each of the builders on your list and show them the list (or sketch) of what you want for your custom home. From the onset, they can tell you what can and can’t be done, as well as provide you a basic average costing for what you want to be built. Carefully review the plans and the costings before you finally settle on which house builder to cater to your design.

Keep open communications

Your house builder is made up of professionals who know what they’re doing—but this doesn’t mean you can’t keep an eye on their work. Get updates on their progress and visit the site regularly; this way, you can receive inputs and have a clear timeline of how your house is going.

For custom house designs, it might be more of an effort from your end, as your builder will be turning towards you for approval for most of the basic aesthetic decisions to be made. Be patient, leave a communications line open in case of emergencies, and keep yourself updated. This way, you’re assured to have a finished product that’s fitting for your taste.

Don’t close the deal immediately

Just because the construction is done doesn’t mean your house is already finished. After your house builder tells you its safe to move in, make sure to do an all-around look-through of your new home. If there are any mistakes or faults, then raise them immediately for your builder to rectify it. 


Keep these in mind when undergoing your house construction and you will certainly find yourself more involved in the building process. This way, more mistakes are caught earlier on, allowing you to have a final result closer to what you want.

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