Looking for a new place to live is an overwhelming prospect, no matter your age or status in life. You have to consider a lot of critical factors such as the cost of living, climate, culture, job opportunities, and even crime rates in your potential new location. Indeed, searching for the right place that you can call home is a huge undertaking that requires balancing many pros and cons.

If you’re looking for a peaceful place with a welcoming community, Bargersville is a great place to put on the list. And in this article, we would like you to know more about Bargersville and why it can be your next home.

1. Bargersville Is a Small Town

Living in a small town offers many benefits. It promises a calmer and simpler way of life, lower cost of living, and a nature-friendly environment. If you want to enjoy all of these things, then you’ll surely love living in Bargersville.

Bargersville is a small town located in Johnson County. Compared to nearby towns, this one is less populated with only an average number of 5,237 residents. Most of these residents are about the age of 38. Meanwhile, the average income per household has increased by 40 percent, up to $68,440 from $48,000 in the year 2000.

2. Bargersville Is the Perfect Representation of Midwestern Culture

We’ve mentioned that job opportunities can be a deciding factor when choosing a place to live in. And that, for sure, is one of the most critical concerns of anyone of working age. Fortunately, living in Bargersville would not mean having fewer opportunities for you. The town is just 28 to 35 minutes away from the state capital, where you can find corporate jobs and other positions in your industry of choice.

Isn’t it wonderful that you still get access to more employment opportunities while being able to experience steady Midwestern culture? After approximately half an hour of commuting from work, you’ll come home to the peaceful and calm Bargersville town.

3. Bargersville Rates High in Terms of Livability

Bargersville is one of the few places in America with a low crime rate. Thus, it is generally safe to live in this town. You can roam around different places with peace of mind.

There are shops and grocery stores accessible to the residents. Malls are just a few miles away too. Also, during your free time, you can explore public attractions such as parks, museums, and farms.

4. Bargersville Is the Best Spot to Build a Home

Relocating from the big city to a tranquil place like Bargersville would not only save you a lot of money. It changes your lifestyle and affects your outlook on life. On another note, it is worth mentioning that the real estate value of the area is excellent and promising.

Final Thoughts

Bargersville, although a small community, is continuously growing and making progress. Despite that, the town sustains its simple culture and remains an ideal choice for those who want a modest and quiet life. Living there is like making a fresh start.

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