Many people dream of building their home to their specifications so that it will fit their lifestyle. Unfortunately, with the pandemic ongoing, many of these plans have been delayed, if not canceled. This leaves those who have yet to start wondering if they should even think about building their homes right now, let alone start building one. However, our experts at Duke Homes recommend that you start right away! Despite the uncertainties and challenges that the pandemic presents, now is actually the best time to start building your dream house

Here are four reasons you should build your dream home during the pandemic:

1. It is safer to build

If you plan to look for homes in the market rather than building one, you may be unknowingly putting yourself at risk of the pandemic. This is because you and your agent will have to visit many homes, and the more people you come into contact with, the higher the chances of contracting and spreading the virus. 

For this reason, building a home is a safer alternative than buying a home. You can reach out to custom home builders in Greenwood wirelessly, letting them know of your exact specifications. On top of that, you do not have to travel as much other than to take a look at the construction. All in all, having someone build your home means less exposure to other people and, ultimately, the virus.

2. Interest rates are low

Interest rates are at their all-time low, and now’s the perfect chance to maximize your use of these rates to fund your home. With low-interest rates, you also have to pay much less every month. In the long run, you can save hundreds, even thousands. However, keep in mind that these interest rates will not last forever, and before you know it, they will rise as the pandemic starts to ease. Be sure to capture this opportunity as soon as you can!

3. Repair costs are minimal

When you build a home, it is in its newest state possible. This means that you will face fewer problems, such as leaky pipes, damaged roofing, or mold growth. In other words, repair costs are minimal if not non-existent for some time. Financially, this means less money spent fixing a home. While you will have to invest in building the home, not having to fix the home as often for months and even years to come will ensure that you do not run into surprise costs that will leave you financially unstable.

4. The market is lacking homes

Even if you do decide to look for homes to buy, there may not be many to pick from. The pandemic has made many sellers wary of the uncertainties, causing them to pull the houses out of the market. If you have the patience, you may be able to find the right home for you, but if you are in a rush, building a home is the better route. Getting your home built guarantees you get a roof over your head, and even better knowing that it is designed to your specifications!


Despite the pandemic causing chaos and havoc to the markets, now is the best time to build your home. With all-time low-interest rates and a lack of houses to pick from in the market, these are all excellent reasons to maximize the situation and finally get your dream home built. 

To that end, be sure to take the time to look for professional custom builders with plenty of experience under their belt. This way, your dream home will be built with the utmost care, ensuring your new house has all the features you want to support your lifestyle and provides a safe and protected place to live in!

Duke Homes is a professional custom builder with over 30 years of experience creating unique homes for proud owners. If you are looking for the best home builders in Indiana to create your dream house, be sure to get in touch with us today to see how we can help!