People who love entertaining guests at home should make their residence as conducive to gatherings as possible. You might be the life of the party, and your personality could be enough to liven up a group. 

However, a little extra shine via your home furnishings will make the difference between a good and a great party. As a host, you always want to do yourself one better. If you love throwing parties and hosting dinners at home and are planning custom home renovations, take the opportunity to include features that will make a party truly unforgettable.

1. An open concept kitchen

Any host worth her salt will have a modern, well-designed kitchen. This room is the center of activity in a house, so it should be as open and welcoming as possible. Depending on how they are designed, counter islands can be a storage space, a dining area, or a place for cooking or preparing food. Hosts can entertain people while whipping up dinner in an open kitchen.

2. Outdoor entertainment options

If you’re a family that enjoys barbecues, an outdoor kitchen is a must. At the very least, you will need a surface for preparing your food, a sink, a refrigerator, and a grill. You might also want to add a bar and a smoker, for summer get-togethers over ribs and cool drinks. When the cooler months come, it will be nice to gather around a fire pit and spend an evening just bonding.

Look into designing a space for covered outdoor seating as well. These are mainstays in luxury custom homes. You would want to put this near an indoor living room, with doors that open out into the patio and your outdoor seating. This will be a great space to host a larger party, especially on breezy days.

3. Spare or multi-purpose rooms

People who love parties often lose track of the time when they’re with friends. If you run in circles prone to staying into the night, consider allocating a guest room for your friends and loved ones. You can plan for longer dinners and parties if you know you can offer a room for your friends to stay overnight. 

If you already have a space for your guests and are wondering how to use a different spare room, you can decorate it so that it can help you be a better host. Make it into a game room, complete with consoles and video games, or boxes of board games. Alternatively, you can make it a theater, with a widescreen TV, high fidelity speakers, and comfortable couches. It’s all up to you and how your parties go.

4. Other spaces geared towards guests

If you’re looking for even more possibilities, consider having a wet bar or a wine room. These are definitely luxurious installations, but they are sure to make your parties memorable. A wet bar or a wine room will bring the drinks out of the kitchen, decreasing foot traffic and leaving the cook for the day with more space to move around.

Yet another possibility is installing a powder room or a main floor bathroom. This is located near your living or dining room, or near the outdoor seating area. This is more convenient for guests, helping them avoid having to walk through your entire house just to go to the bathroom.


If you love entertaining, you would want to make your home as comfortable as possible for guests. Let these ideas inspire you to make your own custom upgrades to your home.

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