The home construction industry has indeed come a long way over the past years. Today, you can opt for a custom house where your design options are unlimited. When it comes to this, an open concept can be your best bet to give it a modern feel. 

For the uninitiated, an open concept or open plan is a term used for residential design. As the name suggests, it removes barriers like walls and doors for a single yet highly functional space at home. It can be characterized by a free-flowing area, casual ambiance, communal living, and kitchen being the heart of the home.

If you are planning to give your home an open concept design, here are four key factors to consider:

1. Unity and cohesion

A typical home with wall partitions can be divided into rooms with individual themes. However, in an open concept, a large individual space will prove to be challenging in terms of interior design. This is where creativity comes into the picture. The rule of thumb is to have a central theme and ensure the cohesion of all the elements inside. Whether your paint colors, furnishings, and decors, you have to ensure they all complement each other. You can do this by having similar materials, repeat patterns and textures, and a neutral color scheme.

2. Single space yet multiple functions

As there’s a single large space inside your home, another challenge in an open concept plan is ensuring multiple functions. This problem isn’t confronted in a typical home space where rooms are divided with wall partitions. But in an open concept, you have to be creative and also very strategic. All it takes is to utilize furniture pieces to create a bit of division and sort decor groupings to give way to some space functionalities. For instance, you can have a wooden beam as a minimalist way to separate your dining and living area.

3. Functional yet aesthetic storage

Another top consideration in an open concept plan is to have ample storage for organization and comfortable living. The good thing is that you can strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality for your storage. While cabinetry or open shelving allows you to neatly arrange home valuables and items, their design elements can also enhance the beauty of your home. For instance, you can install entryway drop zones, rustic dressers, storage bins, and open shelving to enhance your living space!

4. Utmost comfort

What’s great about an open concept is its focus on space comfort at home. This ultimately makes your house less confining and suffocating as the large space keeps you and your family comfortable as you roam around inside. But to add up to your home’s sense of comfort and spruce up its overall atmosphere, you can incorporate large furniture, soft pillows and blankets, wooden accents, task and ambient lighting, and plant life. All these additions will make your home a comfortable space to live in.


At this point, you now know four vital factors to consider for an open concept home design—unity and cohesion, single space yet multiple functions, functional yet aesthetic storage, and the utmost comfort. With all these in mind, you’ll be able to make the most of your space and bring out the best in your home through an open concept!

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