After many years of planning and grinding of teeth, you’ve finally decided to build your custom home. However, you are still figuring out what style your home should be. Should your home look modern and contemporary, or should it look traditional and rustic? Well, that is up to you, but if you don’t know what you can expect from such designs, we have listed down a few to help you make your decision.

Here are four home design styles to think of for your dream custom home:

1. Traditional and Rustic

A big fan of a simple house? Well, this might be the design for you. These types of houses are built with simplicity in mind, where windows are evenly spaced out and decorations are few but still aesthetically pleasing.

However, don’t think that traditional homes mean that you’re going to live in a home straight out of the 50s. Instead, you’re still going to enjoy some of the more modern designs, but with a mix of past designs that can work well. For example, homes such as these can be set to one or two-stories, with a simple covered front porch as well as one at the back. The materials you can expect from such a home can range from stone and bricks to wood, and even plaster.

2. Modern and Contemporary

If you are a younger person who enjoys the sleek beauty of modern design, then what else is there to do then to design your home in a modern and contemporary design? A contemporary home will be built to embrace sharp but simple lines.

With homes like these, you can expect large windows that allow plenty of light in, as well as an interior that seemingly mixes in with the natural environment. Not only that, but they will usually include all sorts of luxuries, such as pools, roof decks, and the like.

3. Open and Airy

Want to capitalize on the stunning surroundings your dream home will be built in? Then you might want to opt for a home that is open and airy. Plus, it sits right between the design of traditional houses and contemporary ones, giving you the best of both worlds.

No, we’re not saying that your home will be built without walls. Rather, the house will have large windows and doors, and be made from materials such as bricks, stones, and iron. Because of their extra-open design, they are the perfect homes for places in warmer climates, where fresh air can quickly enter and circulate the house, cooling everyone and everything down.

4. Natural and Woody

If you are an absolute nature lover, then a home mostly built out of wood might sound like the perfect place to be. From stone porches with wooden floors to walls covered with intricate wooden designs, homes like these are perfect for those who want to be with nature.

The home is as natural as it can be. For example, you will see wooden beams go across the ceilings, with overhanging fixtures that seemingly float. From the outside, the home’s design will reflect the colors of nature, from shades of green to brown, and even blue.


There are many home designs you can pick from, and these four we just shared are just some ideas you can think about. Take your time to think of which design suits you best. Do you live a modern lifestyle? A contemporary home will suit you. Do you love being surrounded by nature and all its beauty? Then maybe a natural, woody, and open house might be your thing. Remember, at the end of the day, it’s your choice! So pick a design that’ll best suit your preferences and your lifestyle.

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