Since your home is your haven and sanctuary, it must fully accommodate your needs and your lifestyle. It must also be a place that is both functional and comfortable. Furthermore, it must be a structure that every member of the family appreciates. This is where home renovations enter the picture. 

Home remodels allow you to make use of every space in your home to fit you and your family’s changing preferences over the years. If you have a bonus room, know that you can transform this space so it can be used for various functions. 

Bonus rooms are flexible; they are meant to be used in different ways throughout your stay in your home. To inspire you as you customize this space, check out these amazing bonus room ideas: 

1. Library 

Turning your bonus room into a library is a great idea, especially if your family loves to read and has a particularly big collection of books. This might be the perfect solution for you to store all your reading materials orderly while giving everyone a dedicated quiet space to read. 

To add beauty to your library, you may also incorporate floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in the room. Add some pieces of artwork as well as a few comfy chairs and your newly transformed bonus room is ready to be used. 

2. Kids’ Playroom or Homework Space 

If you’re a parent to little kids, giving them their own space where they can play and have a little freedom is a magnificent idea. 

You can turn your bonus room into their playroom. Add shelving for their toys, books, and games and install foam mats to child-proof the space. You may also put in small tables and chairs where they can play with their toys, work on crafts, or read their books. 

As they grow up, you may eventually convert this space into their dedicated homework or study area. All you have to do is rearrange the shelves to store school supplies and change the small tables to computer workstations and desks. This will give them the quiet space they need to focus and get their homework done. 

3. Game Room 

If your family loves coming together on Friday nights to play games, it’s a wise move to convert your bonus room into a game room. 

This room can accommodate all your gaming supplies, whether your family is into board games, card games, or video games. It’s a great spot to set up your video game consoles or even your air hockey table. 

Add in creative lighting, bean bag chairs, and comfy couches and your game nights are bound to be more exciting!

4. Home Gym 

Turning your bonus room into a home gym is an effective way for you to get into an active lifestyle. You no longer have any excuses to skip your daily workout because your gym is right inside your own home! 

All you need to get started is a few free weights, some cardio equipment, and a yoga mat. Then, to complete your home gym, you may eventually want to add some wall mirrors, a speaker for your invigorating workout playlist, and rubber mats for your cardio equipment and weights.


You deserve to make every space in your home work for you and your family. If you have an extra room in your house that hasn’t been touched for years, it’s time to start a customization project! 

Examine your current lifestyle and determine what you need the extra space to be. Then, find expert contractors to help you design and build your new room. The finished product will certainly improve your lifestyle and allow you to enjoy being at home more than ever!

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