Sometimes, a remodel is just what you need to spruce up your house and provide a change of scenery without ever leaving your home. Your home should be the most comfortable space in your life, which means that rooms you frequent—like your bathroom—benefit from a remodel every few years. 

Remodeling is often very exciting because it allows you to explore the design possibilities of your home without overspending. While it’s a great way to make a space more comfortable and cozy, it can also drive up the resale value, which will definitely make sure you’re making bang for your buck. 

Here are three affordable ways to remodel your bathroom:

Restrict Tile Usage

Bathrooms need to be waterproofed, which is why tiles are a popular flooring selection for them. However, tiles are also pretty expensive, as the cost tends to increase per square meter. This is an opportunity for you to save money by choosing your tiles wisely or restricting the placement to only the most important areas, like the shower.

You could also cover half your walls with tiles and paint the top half in aesthetically pleasing ways. This will allow you to decorate your bathroom with the tiles you love while saving some money and giving a unique look to your bathroom! 

Get Creative With Your Countertops

Many people believe that investing in an expensive countertop for the bathroom is worth it, as it usually takes up a smaller area. However, this is another opportunity for you to get creative while economically remodeling your bathroom. If you’re dead-set on choosing granite for your countertops, consider other shades, as you can find a cheaper price on other colors.

Another way to dress up your bathroom without shelling out too much is by reusing a gorgeous or damaged slab, which will add character to your bathroom. You can even reuse an old dresser as a sink pedestal by cutting out a hole for the sink. This will lend a rustic yet cozy vibe to your bathroom while giving it a unique touch.

Revamp With Fixtures and Accessories 

Elevating your bathroom isn’t restricted to changing the tiles or repainting the walls—it’s also about swapping your fixtures and accessories out for new ones. Changing out even your showerhead for a more stylish and elegant piece can instantly take your bathing experience to new heights. Accompany this by replacing your old faucets, light fixtures, and other accessories to give your bathroom a brand new look without thinning your wallet. 

Changing the fixtures is also another affordable way to infuse your bathroom with your personality. In fact, if you’re remodeling other parts of your home, you can reuse different accessories and fit them in your bathroom. You’ll have created an entirely new look without stepping out of your home.


Remodeling your bathroom doesn’t have to be an expensive venture. From a simple repaint down to redecorating the entire room, changing up its looks is entirely possible even with a limited budget. With some creativity and resourcefulness, along with these three tips, you’ll have a gorgeous new bathroom without breaking the bank. 

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