Double-storey homes are becoming a common dream among homeowners as a two-floor plan can open up plenty of opportunities that meet your lifestyle. It offers more than enough space to cater to more bedrooms away from the entertainment area downstairs, all while providing more control over the layout design. 

It’s easy to imagine what we want our dream home to look like, but turning it into reality can be a complex process, especially when it comes to two-storey houses. With that in mind, the tips below should help you improve your plans on paper before starting your build. 

Tip #1: Carefully Consider the Layout that Suits Your Needs 

A double-storey home can open up plenty of space that allows you to create a floor plan that perfectly fits your lifestyle and needs. It can add a clear separation between your bedrooms, kitchen, and other areas, making it easier to maximize your living space even when it’s set on a tight block. 

Speaking of which, the lot dimensions and block size are crucial factors to consider when planning for your home’s layout. It can largely influence the design and organization of house plans. A skinny lot, for instance, can feel spacious when the plans fit narrow houses as designers ensure it can have a seamless flow even with its slender shape. 

Tip #2: Include the Stairs in Your Layout Plans 

A double-storey home means installing a staircase is a must, which is why it’s crucial to consider the style and placement when designing your floor plan. This ensures it can remain cohesive with your intended decor and tie in with space, allowing you to choose various balustrades from timber, wood, glass, steel, and more. 

Considering the staircase also opens up a chance to utilize the excess space under the stairs, making it a great addition to your storage space. Of course, some factors such as age can also affect your choice, especially for families that need special accessibility features for senior citizens. 

Tip #3: Consider How Each Room Will Connect in Your House Plan 

Seeing as a two-storey house plans creates more space for you to add rooms for each family member, you also need to consider how each area will connect. Most house plans connect the rooms by opening it all towards a shared corridor, while others prefer to link their space in a home office, library, lounge area, or even dining room. 

Think about how each area transitions from one place to another so you can create a layout that is efficient and suitable for your lifestyle. 

The Bottom Line: Planning For a Two-Storey House

Many homeowners love double-storey homes as it can maximize space even when set on a smaller block of land. The block size and layout largely affects the process, but the tips above should help you plan with the right considerations in mind. 

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