No matter where you’re from, how big your family is, or how much you earn, there’s no denying that moving into a new home is one of the most significant experiences you’ll have in your life.

Regardless of whether you’re renting a space or finding a place to settle down for the long run, finding the perfect home for your needs is a momentous task that requires tough decisions. Between all the options that you’re looking at and the possibilities that may come about, you may end up choosing between choosing an option with a past homeowner or a new one.

Now, while the dilemma at hand may be nothing short of challenging, there’s a third option that you should consider: a To-Be-Built (TBB) home.

What is a TBB home and why you should go for one

It is defined as a new construction home that is planned out, zoned out, prepared to break ground for the eventual building once a guaranteed buyer comes along. Despite the fact that they may be quite new, TBB homes are a rising option in the Greenwood housing market because they offer an apt amount of customizability while streamlining the entire home building process.

If you want to find the perfect house to settle down in for years to come, here are three reasons you should go for a To-Be-Built home above any other option:

1. It allows you get to hit the ground running

One of the most important benefits of going for this type of home and arrangement is that you essentially get a head start by going for a property that is already halfway to being built.

As opposed to other types of homes, TBB properties provide an immense head start that cuts down the entire home building timeline in half. This allows for shorter wait times altogether. Instead of waiting an entire year at the very least to move in, you can just make the shift in a To-Be-Built home within a few short months!

2. It offers a great amount of room to customize

Generally speaking, the main selling point of such homes lies in the fact that anyone can truly make them their own because there is enough room for customization to unfold.

When you buy a TBB home, you’ll be given a blank canvas that you can adjust to your specifications without incurring overwhelming costs and copious amounts of paperwork. If you’ve always wanted to have a home that has the exact match finish, lighting fixture, and wall color set-up that you’ve always wanted, then this is the option that you should go for!

3. It allows you to be the first

For many homeowners, the allure of going for a To-Be-Built home lies in the fact that they can have a space that doesn’t have any underlying problems from the previous usage.

Additionally, the “first-owner” appeal in getting a home also makes it easier to get a better price in the real estate market. This is especially true if you choose to part ways with the property because listings with a lower number of past owners fetch higher prices!


Opting for a To-Be-Built home is one of the best options that you could possibly go for when moving to a new place or investing in property. Aside from the three benefits mentioned above, there is an even wider range of advantages that you can enjoy when going for a TBB home.

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