Building luxury custom homes sound exciting and fun, but how do you start? Before you jump into the project, you need to have an idea of how a custom home building works.

Right now, you may have many questions about building a custom home. Although most of the answers will depend on you and your building contractor, here are some guidelines for a custom home building that you may find helpful.

Your role as homeowners 

As the homeowner, the entire project depends on you. A custom house is, after all, a one-of-a-kind house that is specifically designed to meet the needs of the homeowner. This project will not move forward without your input and approval, so expect to be hands-on from start to finish. Although you have people who will work for you, do not forget that you are also part of the team. Collaboration is essential to make the project work.

For the entire duration of the construction, assume that you have a side job that will require extra meetings, time, and energy from you. Make sure you are ready to commit and dedicate your time before getting a custom home. 

On costing

How much does a custom home cost? That is one of the most common questions people ask and is also the most difficult question to answer. 

The final price will depend on your answer to the following questions:

  • Will you design from scratch or will you be renovating your home?
  • How big will your house be?
  • What kind of home do you want to live in?
  • What kinds of furniture and decor will you want in your house?
  • How customized will it be?

The total cost will depend on your requirements as a homeowner. You can ask for an estimate from your building contractors based on your vision or identify a budget and work around it. To give you an idea, you may have to prepare a budget of around $120 to $250+ per square foot of your space.

On timeline

The duration of the custom home building will also depend on the extent of the work needed. The average working timeline is around five to eight months. Other factors will also affect the building duration, such as the weather or state emergencies, so if you’re estimating, allot extra days for miscellaneous and unforeseen circumstances. 

Having a concrete plan in mind and working with an interior designer from the start will make the work easier and faster as well. 

On choosing a partner home builder

Most people will start looking for a cost-efficient partner builder. While that is also an important factor to consider, know that it would be difficult for someone without experience to understand the difference or impact of each builders’ costs immediately. 

Instead of assessing numbers, you can start with finding someone you’d be comfortable building the project with. Remember that it will take you five to eight months of constantly meeting, talking, and making decisions. Find someone you can trust and discuss financial concerns with. Having good communication and a great professional relationship with your co-builder will make a big difference to the project. 


Building a custom home will require a lot of time, effort, and money on designing, building, and settling in, but all these will be worth it when you see the output of your hard work—a house specifically made as you wish. To make the work more efficient, have a list of what you want for your home and find the best home builders to help you realize your dream home.

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