The kitchen is the family’s center for day-to-day living. It is called the heart of homes. Unlike the previous times when the kitchen is in a separate room, kitchens today are often found in the middle of the house, usually in an open space. It is where family and guests come together to socialize, cook food, and eat. 

More than a good-sized kitchen, a productive kitchen is important to have in every home. Nowadays, the way a kitchen is designed and laid out in new home constructions plays a big part in achieving this hardworking space. 

If you’re looking to design a new kitchen space or redesign an existing one to make it unique and modern, we have the following tips for you. 

1. Make a statement backsplash

Modern designs are all about clean flat surfaces, with little to no unnecessary decorative pieces. That’s the standard, although a modern look can still be achieved while also adding a design kick once in a while. Try to find a small space you can personalize, and consider adding your personal touch in your kitchen’s backsplash.

The backsplash is the material used to cover the wall space between the kitchen’s countertop and wall cabinets. Since this space is usually small, it provides an opportunity for homeowners to explore and be creative. You can try making a statement by adding varieties of textures, materials, or colors in this space. Some ideas include using marble, porcelain, wood, or tiles.

Since the space is also small, it will not disrupt the entire modern look of your kitchen space. Play around, but don’t forget to consider how it will look when you add the cabinets and other kitchen pieces altogether. The best you can do is make this little space functional too.

2. Choose contrast and functionality

A modern kitchen is minimalist and highly functional. Apply this in your cabinet layout. Gone are the days when short cabinets gathering specks of dust above it are used in the kitchen. Now, homeowners are maximizing the space and design of their cabinets by creating up-to-ceiling cabinets with several partitions inside. You can also explore finding a new location for these cabinets, increasing their functionality more. 

Modern kitchen nowadays, such as those you often find in luxury custom homes, is no longer about the use of popping colors. The trend of having clean white cabinets is making a comeback. People opt to have white cabinets and then use striking colors as part of the kitchen accessories. This can be observed in small things like the change in color of the cabinet handles or the change in color of the light fixture. 

Contrast is the key to achieving a modern kitchen look. You can still explore using colors, but make sure that they will contrast well with your wall or other parts of the kitchen.

3. Customize your pantry

The same rule of functionality as a priority applies to your pantry as well. Adjust your space according to what you need. Customize a shelf for your microwave, coffee maker, and other kitchen items you will occasionally use. The more you can tuck them away, the more modern and clean your kitchen will look.


Make the space work for you instead of you working around your space. Besides making your space look better, this move of highlighting your space’s functionality will also make your life easier.

To make these dream kitchen wishes come true, coordinate with a trusted home builder.

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