When it comes to having a custom home, renovating your bathroom might be the first idea that comes to mind, as it’s the place often used and abused. As far as bathroom renovation is concerned, installing a new bathtub can make all the difference in enhancing your experience with the space. 

There are commonly several tub types you can choose from based on shapes, sizes, materials, and styles. This is why it can be quite tricky to choose the one that’s perfect for your home and lifestyle.

To help you make the right decision, here are three common types of bathtub you should consider for your custom home:

1. Alcove tub

The alcove tub is said to be the most common type of bathtub for any home. Also known as a recessed tub, it is installed adjacent to three walls with one side open for access. It is typically positioned in the corner of a room where the third wall usually divides the tub itself and the shower/sink cabinetry. 

What’s good about an alcove tub is the use of space, which is ideal for economically sized bathrooms. However, one major drawback is its aesthetics, where it may not be as visually appealing as other tub options.

2. Freestanding tub

The freestanding tub stands alone in a bathroom but must be installed near plumbing lines. It is a versatile fixture finished on all sides and available in a range of contours. You can opt for a wide range of designs—from straightforward lines to classic curves down to modern touches.

One major advantage of this is the wide selection of choices, meaning that you can always go for something that will enhance the beauty of your bathroom. Another benefit is its easy access, where you can get into the tub from all sides. However, one problem is that this tub type has less storage space needed for your bathroom essentials, which isn’t the best option for smaller bathrooms.

3. Drop-in tub

As the name suggests, a drop-in bathtub is “dropped in” to a frame or structure, known as a surround. For the most part, it can look like a freestanding tub installed away from a wall. However, it is structured in a self-contained walled structure, which is ideal for a built-in, custom design for your bathroom.

One fantastic benefit of a drop-in tub is its variety of designs that you can opt for. It’s very flexible, allowing you to customize your tub and blend it with the rest of the space. Another advantage is how it can provide you with a genuine spa experience. With this, you can have a bubble massage right in your bathroom for the utmost comfort and relaxation.

There’s only one major disadvantage to a drop-in tub—the space. If your bathroom doesn’t have ample space, then you would want to go for an alcove tub instead.


At this point, choosing the right bathtub for your custom home is no longer that challenging. Whether it’s an alcove, freestanding, or drop-in, remember to consider your bathroom space, style, aesthetics, and overall functionality. Be sure to factor in your taste, preference, and overall budget as well. 

With all these factors in mind, you’ll make the right decision to install the best bathtub for your custom home that can turn your vision into a reality!

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