One critical aspect of the home design process is establishing the floor plan. After all, this plan will help you map the layout of the house, from where the doors are located to how many rooms you will have.

With that said, many people with little to no experience in designing homes tend to create floor plans plagued with all sorts of mistakes. While these can usually be addressed by an architect, it pays to know what these mistakes are so that you can avoid them in the first place.

Here are a few common floor plan mistakes to ensure that you end up with the perfect home.

1. Not making the home family-friendly

Some people create floor plans that are not conducive to their family’s lifestyle. For instance, when mom cooks in the kitchen, she should be able to keep an eye on her kids in the living room. Unfortunately, a poorly-made floor plan can mean that there might be a wall between those rooms, causing quite a headache.

Ensure that your home is as family-lifestyle-friendly as possible. This can mean that rooms are more open to each other, allowing you, as a parent, to keep an eye on your kids. Also, consider adding rooms for storage, as you will be keeping a lot of stuff, most of which would probably be your children’s.

2. Misplacing the bathrooms

Many people seem to think that toilets can be placed pretty much anywhere. Unfortunately, they are then greeted with nightmarish homes where either the bathroom is in an awkward place or that there are missing features that they have to renovate later on.

With that in mind, remember to plan your bathrooms properly and with great care. For instance, position your bathroom away from high-traffic areas to avoid bad odors from reaching them. However, ensure that the bathroom is still easily accessible in case of emergencies. Keep in mind that if you are planning on having guests, you need to have bathrooms that they can access without requiring them to enter your master bedroom.

3. Making the rooms too small

The designs in a floor plan can be deceivingly larger than how they actually turn out. This mistake has caused some people to be greeted with smaller rooms where they have to spend even more money to renovate.

Avoid this problem and double-check all the measurements. If you can, you can look at display homes to get a feel of the ideal size. If you do not have access to such, you can bring out your measuring tape and start measuring.


Most of these mistakes can be a result of a lack of knowledge, but they more commonly occur because people rush through the design process. For that reason, always spend as much time as possible when creating a floor plan.

Remember, it is much cheaper to put your time and effort into the planning phase than to spend money trying to fix the house after it has already been built.

If you are unsure about your floor plan, you can always consult with the experts. They will analyze your needs and current living situation to give you tips and advice on how you can make it better.

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